(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Doleček, Czech Consul in Taiwan, gives his impression of Divine Performing Arts.

TAIPEI--Jaroslav Doleček and his wife, Mrs. Dolečkova, who attended the premier of Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts in Taipei on February 25, were impressed and moved by the performance. Despite being unable to understand Chinese, they sat riveted throughout the show.

"One picture is more than a thousand words," said Mr. Doleček, who has been a representative of the Economic and Cultural Office of the Czech Republic in Taiwan for the last two and a half years.

"It's just great, it's fantastic. I especially liked this combination of visual screening with the landscape, motifs, and the dancers--the variety of art, it's brilliant, for sure. I've never seen such a world-class quality performance."

He said he was very pleased to have had the opportunity to see the performance: "Of course, I liked the dancing, and my wife did as well. The singers were also fantastic"

He went on to say that the soprano, "had an excellent voice. The content of the song just had a lot of meaning--it had a lot of history."

The show depicts myths and legends from ancient China, contrasting with stories from modern-day China where spiritual belief is persecuted. One such story, "Heaven Awaits us Despite Persecution," shows the father of a young girl being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party for his belief in the spiritual practice of Falun Dafa. This piece particularly impressed Mr. Doleček.

"In particular, there was a scene from a village that was very moving, very touching--the one with the father. It is different from all the performances we've seen so far, this is just one of the most interesting things we've ever seen. It was just a wonderful performance."

He explained that it was the scale, the number of performances, and the harmonization between the costumes, dancing, and the innovative high-tech backdrop that made Divine Performing Arts stand out.

Mrs. Dolečkova (who explained that in the Czech language, surnames for women are changed slightly from that of their husband) said she especially enjoyed the classical Chinese dance, a centerpiece of the show. "I'm very impressed by this Chinese dance, it's filled with history, movements, and even the decorations too."

In conclusion, Mr. Doleček commented again on "Heaven Awaits us Despite Persecution." "I imagine that the if the dad is dying, and the child is close to him, that is a very emotional scene, and of course it shows that the gods came down from the heaven and moved him to heaven with them--and maybe that's like our future lives."

Source: Epoch Times