(Clearwisdom.net) My understanding is that, for there to be enhancement as a whole, strictly following Teacher's requirements has to be a priority. To do this, one should sum-up daily on how and what has been said and done that day, reflecting on every word, every idea, and every thought. Were they in line with a true Dafa disciple? Take the following instances: Fa-study--did I focus on reading the Fa without being distracted? Did I send forth righteous thoughts as much as possible? Did I fully practice the exercises? Did I do my best to clarify the truth? Did I save anyone? If the answers are all positive, then I would say that I am complementing the whole body and that I am enhancing the whole.

Enhancement as a whole isn't a verbal thing. It is a manifestation of each and every Dafa practitioner's continuous sublimation of xinxing and elimination of human notions. Our job is to save as many people as possible, which is what Teacher requires. If every one of us is able to have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, how could the remnants of evil forces make threatening gestures? Would they still dare to persecute Dafa practitioners? Absolutely not. It's just like a fellow practitioner said, "Evil ones bully the weak and fear the strong." The more you're afraid of them, the more likely they will give you problems. I used to have the attachment of fear--the minute I thought of doing something, I started to be afraid. However, after reading an article in Minghui Weekly, the writer, a practitioner, said that he kept eliminating his attachment to fear as he sent forth righteous thoughts every day. I did what he did, and it really worked.

In 2008 around the time of the Olympics, while transporting informational materials, fear appeared in my mind, but I eliminated it immediately. Basically and immediately I was able to get rid of any thoughts that didn't agree with the Fa. At the present time, every practitioner should regard himself or herself as a coordinator to automatically serve as a complement to the whole body, to abide by Teacher's requirements, keeping the evil from taking advantage of our gaps.

Since we all say, "We sincerely wish for Teacher's smile," let all of us as one body be measured against the Fa and let us race to save people. Very often I have been deeply touched by fellow practitioners' motivations and endeavors--some study well the Fa, some do well sending forth righteous thoughts, some practice the exercises well, and some focus well on truth clarification, truly hurrying to save people. If we could do still better, then our body as a whole would be an indestructible one and all evils would be disintegrated.

Fellow practitioners, let us work hard together, let us eliminate all attachments, and let us save all sentient beings as Teacher requires. I sincerely hope that all practitioners will reach consummation in the end.

Please kindly correct my errors.

December 13, 2009