(Clearwisdom.net) Many practitioners have not put much emphasis on sending forth righteous thoughts. As a result, they have failed to rectify themselves, which also causes interference to others. Today, I would like to share my experience of rectifying myself.

In addition to sending righteous thoughts at the four set times, I have also been sending forth righteous thoughts to rectify myself at other times in the day for the past two years. Initially, I did it to eliminate strong thought karma. I would spend one or two hours daily to eliminate the thought karma. The effect was good after doing it for over a month and the thought karma lessened. I continued to send righteous thoughts for extended periods of time to eliminate other attachments I still have.

The purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts is to rectify oneself and the universe that one represents, and rectify other areas of the universe. Some practitioners don't have a clear understanding of why we send righteous thoughts. They think that doing it can't eliminate attachments since they need to be eliminated through tribulations. Regarding sending righteous thoughts, Master said:

"When Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, pure and righteous thoughts, to clean out the evil's persecution of them, that's allowed--the old Fa-principles include principles like that as well. This is the same idea as approaching cultivation with righteous thoughts, or as saving sentient beings with righteous thoughts." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

In fact, sending forth righteous thoughts is as important as eliminating attachments through tribulations. The only difference is that sending righteous thoughts is actively eliminating demon nature that exists in oneself and externally. I would like to share my experiences in this regard.

To eliminate the bad factors from myself, I focused on eliminating and disintegrating the strongest thought karma or attachment immediately. Once when I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the attachment of fear, I found that the tightness in my chest disappeared. In the past, I had a strong attachment of fear. When I distributed truth-clarification materials, I was always on the look out for the police. After sending forth righteous thoughts for 20 days, I was no longer fearful when I went out to distribute materials. Another example is eliminating the attachment to lust. I immediately eliminated this attachment when it surfaced until it completely disappeared.

Sometimes when the evil took advantage of my loopholes, I took it as a good opportunity to eliminate it. My gong had to search all over for them when I sent righteous thoughts. When our loopholes are taken advantage of by the old forces, we can't hide and use everyday people's methods to solve the issue. Instead, we need to calm down and disintegrate the evil. If we do this every time, can the evil still persecute us? At times when I feel that sending forth righteous thought wasn't effective, I would adjust my heart and immerse myself in the Fa. Regardless of whether my righteous thought is targeted toward myself or the outside world, I need to look at it from the aspect of the whole universe. As a result, the effect would be good. Rectifying oneself is rectifying the whole universe.

Since I have been sending righteous thoughts like this, I do not fall asleep any more or have a difficult time keeping my palm erect during sending righteous thought. On the contrary, I can quickly enter into tranquility, and my palms feel like they are floating and don't feel tired no matter how long I take to send righteous thoughts.

I suggest to practitioners who have a difficult time keeping their palms up straight or fall asleep during sending forth righteous thoughts to find time and eliminate one's demon nature and attachments. For practitioners whose cultivation status isn't good, please send righteous thoughts more frequently because it is hard to study the Fa when in this state. If one's heart is not righteous when doing Dafa work, one will easily be taken advantage of by the old forces. Therefore, it is best to send forth righteous thoughts before this happens.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.

December 13, 2009