(Clearwisdom.net) In China today, most people enlist in the military for purposes other than to serve and protect their country. Under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rule, it is very hard for an ordinary citizen to find a good job. However, if they have served in the military, they will be able to choose the type of job they want, and where they want to work. Furthermore, those from rural areas have a chance to be promoted to officers, after which their citizen registration identification will be changed from peasant to urban resident, allowing them to escape the stark poverty-stricken life of China's countryside.

It is a common practice for Chinese citizens to bribe CCP officials with a lot of money as the first step to get themselves or their children enlisted in the military. Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, there has been an additional "unspoken" rule: To ask applicants if the applicant or their family practice Falun Gong. If they answer yes, they are not eligible to join the military.

Several applicants have been asked if they practice Falun Gong, what they think about the practice, how they heard about it, if their neighbors practice, if they have relatives overseas, etc.

The same questions were also asked about their parents, grandparents and in-laws. If the applicant is of a certain age, he/she would be asked,"Where were you and what were you doing in the summer of 1989 (when student-led protests ended abruptly in the tragic Tiananmen Square Massacre)? What have you done since the establishment of the CCP?"

In addition, the military will demand three references from the applicant or acquaintances of the applicant's family to testify that he/she has never done or said anything against the CCP, has not been persecuted by the regime, has not joined any religious group, and has not practiced Falun Gong.

The authorities also assign the applicant's local police station's military recruiting agency to go to their parents' hometown to ask people about their past to prove the applicant's so-called "clean slate." For those applying to join the military in Beijing, the authorities ask the applicants to fill out a special form where they are asked if they have practiced Falun Gong.

The questions have no legal grounds. Yet this is happening right now in China. Since the CCP began its persecution of Falun Gong, many unconstitutional and evil deeds have been carried out against its citizens based on verbal orders from the top, so as to avoid leaving any evidence to be used for future prosecution. Since the CCP came into power, it has relied on military force to maintain its rule. Now it is hard for the regime to recruit "trusted" soldiers because more than half of the Chinese population have been persecuted by it. Even after a strict investigation of the applicant's political background, the CCP doesn't trust the recruited soldiers.

As a Chinese saying goes,"Harming others is just as bad as harming yourself", "Take a life, repay with your own life; Borrow money, repay with your own money." The CCP is very afraid of the day it will have to pay for all the crimes it has committed.

December 10, 2009