Name:Ji Guangjie(纪广杰)
Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: August, 2003
Most recent place of detention:
Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province(安徽宿州监狱)
City: Suzhou City
Anhui Province
Persecution Suffered:
Imprisonment, Illegal sentencing, Drug Administration.

( Falun Dafa practitioner Ji Guangjie (over 60 years old) from Hefei City, Anhui Province has been detained in Suzhou Prison for years. During his detention, his blood pressure has always been very high. The Hefei 610 Office claimed that "The practitioners cannot be released until they announce that they will no longer practice Falun Gong." In June, 2008, Mr. Ji Guangjie suffered a stroke, lost consciousness, and lost sight in his left eye as a result of this persecution.

In August, 2008, Ji Guangjie was arrested for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong by police from the Hefei 610 Office in Anhui Province, under fabricated charges. Mr. Ji was illegally sentenced to seven years in prison by the Baohe District Court in Hefei City. He was detained in Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province and persecuted, even though his blood pressure was above 240/120.

Police from Suzhou Prison ordered two criminal inmates to monitor Mr. Ji Guangjie. They instructed them to push Mr. Ji down to the ground, immobilize his neck, and hold his nose so that he could be force-fed drugs. Ji Guangjie almost suffocated to death.

Since Mr. Ji's blood pressure is very high (often reaching above 270/130) and he often endures great mental pressure, his life is in danger and he could die at any moment. Suzhou Prison issued a notice to "release on bail for medical treatment" at the beginning of 2008. However, it was obstructed by the Hefei 610 Office with the excuse of "Practitioners can't be released until they announce that they no longer practice Falun Gong."

In June, 2008, Mr. Ji Guangjie had a stroke and lost consciousness, lost control of his bladder and lost the sight in his left eye. The prison guards immediately notified Mr. Ji's family to pick him up.

After Mr. Ji returned home, he had to be taken care of by his family 24 hours a day. So far his left eye is still blind. It was reported that Suzhou Prison officials are still harassing Ji Guangjie's family by phone.

It was reported that the prison guards directly involved in the persecution from Suzhou Prison are: Huang Qijun, Tang Chuanyou and Zhai Jianhua. The National Security Division in Hefei City is also involved. The police who were involved in the persecution will be investigated.