Greetings, Our Compassionate and Great Master!

Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

I am a Dafa practitioner from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. I started to practice Falun Gong at the end of 1997. From the first day I read Zhuan Falun, I was certain that I had found the real purpose of my life. By the end of 1998, my parents had started to practice as well. Several days later, my father no longer needed to wear his glasses or take any of the medication he had been on for several decades. My mother also recovered from the facial spasm she had suffered for more than ten years. We children were so moved by their changes.

Influenced by my family, I had always deeply respected and admired our traditional culture. I always believed that qigong could bring us miracles. From 1992 onwards, I spent time learning several kinds of qigong. One day the qi rushed to my head and I had to rush to the hospital for treatment at midnight. The first time I read Zhuan Falun I stood the entire time until I finished it. Soon I gave away all the fortunetelling books and destroyed all of my phony qigong books.

After I finished reading Zhuan Falun, the snakes that frequently appeared in my dreams became smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker, until they totally disappeared. Once a golden snake ran away and disappeared from sight. It vanished into the air. At the same time, some heavenly guards came, dressed in the same attire as in legends. They caught the golden snake and took it away. Thus the snake dreams that had disturbed me for several years ended. Before that, I fought with snakes every night, but the more I fought with them, the more they appeared and the bigger they became. Sometimes there was a mountain of snakes. However hard I tried, I was not able to escape from them, and often I was afraid of going to bed or sleeping.

At the beginning I only had the one book, Zhuan Falun, and no other Dafa books or audio or video materials. I read the book everyday while sitting in the lotus position. But it took me several days before I could put one leg on top of the other. I would break out in a sweat and became very hot all over after I forced one leg on top of the other. Ten days later, I could sit in the lotus position for half an hour and then one of my legs would slide down by itself. I changed my position from the big lotus position to the small lotus position and then the issue was resolved. After I had practiced for one winter, my body felt so light, and I became younger and slimmer.

In 1998 I started to attend group Fa study and practice. On the first day I sat in the full lotus position for more than forty minutes. When the exercise music stopped, my whole body was very hot. During the exercises I saw a marvelous scene: a grand modern city was situated at the mouth of a beautiful valley and all the buildings were white. I was very surprised, and the scene vanished instantly. I realized I was seeing the scene through my tianmu. During all of 1998 our group practiced the exercises in the morning and studied the Fa at night. Our bodies and our xinxing underwent rapid improvement. At the start I was not able to get up at 4 a.m. Sometimes somebody would knock at the door and call me. After I got up, I found nobody was there. My family members who were not practitioners didn't know anything about it. Several of us in the Fa study group came across this situation. We realized that Master had called us.

Such a beautiful time lasted until July 20, 1999. In May 1999 two young men who claimed that they were from the Religious Affairs Bureau came to see me and asked me about the situation of Falun Gong. I introduced Falun Dafa to them and told them about the huge health benefits we gained from practicing and how our moral standard improved. I strongly recommended Dafa to them and hoped that they would come to practice when they had a chance. At the time they admired us so much.

On July 20, 1999, in every workplace people were required to watch certain TV programs. I knew what it was after I watched a few seconds, so I stood up and left. One elderly neighbor said to me, "Your Master is like such and such because the TV said it." I asked him, "Do you believe everything that is on TV?" He said, "The state said so. Why shouldn't I believe it?" I replied, "Jiang Zemin said that the living standard of Chinese people had improved so much that everyone is wealthy. Does that describe your family?" He was speechless. His three sons were unemployed, and he and his wife had to support them. My heart was bleeding at that time. In the evening I was not able to do the exercises at the practice site. I couldn't sleep that night. My wife comforted me and asked me not to worry.

On July 22, the police called more than ten of us to the police station. I saw the two young men from the Religious Affairs Bureau. They admitted that they were actually from the Political and Security Department of the Public Security Bureau. The Party secretary of the Political and Legal Committee told us to hand in our Dafa books. None of us handed in any materials apart from an elderly practitioner who handed over a copy of Zhuan Falun. That practitioner was an assistant at our practice site. She had made a lot of contributions in setting up our group Fa study.

The persecution escalated daily. The police frequently came to knock on my door in the middle of the night for no reason. We ended up so disturbed that we couldn't sleep at night. As a result of the huge pressure, I stopped practicing and I didn't read much, either. Soon my body became heavy and swollen again. Every minute felt like a thousand, and I noticed my thoughts changing a lot. Cultivators in history might not complete cultivation even after several lifetimes. It also took time for our Dafa practitioners to complete cultivation. I was still young and should first make some professional achievements in ordinary society. My general health and eyesight became worse. My family members forced me to take medication. I became lost in the CCP's rampant lies and ordinary people's rumors. Who would pay the medical expenses if I went to see a doctor and had to take medication? In today's China, except for those in the army, government units, and a few big companies, who is able to afford the medical expenses? Even if you are able to pay the medical expenses, which hospital can save you if you get a fatal disease? Who is greater than our Master and the Dafa? Nobody! I told my wife that I wouldn't take medicine. I would use my life to prove the greatness of Dafa.

I passively put up with the evil persecution. I was not able to log in to the Internet and lost contact with practitioners. But our compassionate Master kept giving me hints in my dreams. I can give you two examples. In one dream, along with many others, I was climbing up a steep, brown cliff that seemed to have no end. I was over twenty meters away from the top of the cliff while some had already reached the summit. I looked down and a quiver of fear went through me and woke me up. I realized that once I stopped cultivation, I would fall down to hell, where there was no escape. One night at the beginning of 2005, I dreamed that I ran with lots of people towards a place filled with light. Several gates in a row stood wide open, and I knew I could enter by any one of them as long as I could made it. The door keepers were already waiting. Beyond the gates the sky was bright, while on this side the whole world was covered with black qi.

At the beginning of 2006, I made up my mind to start cultivation again. I would put the three things that Master requires us to do as priorities. I vaguely saw that the universe had become clearer and that countless windows have been opened because sentient beings have seen the light of hope. One day while meditating, I saw many groups of people in ancient Chinese attire offering me thanks. They must have been the sentient beings in my world. One day that summer while waiting for the bus, I met a practitioner I knew from before. After chatting a bit, we knew each other's situation. She told me with excitement that she had already contacted the local practitioners in this new place and they had all sorts of truth-clarifying materials. Thus my cultivation path was back on the right track again. But I felt upset that materials had to pass through other practitioners before they reached me. I wanted to learn the techniques to break through the Internet blockade. That summer I met a practitioner from another city who offered everyone technical support, but he thought my computer skills were too basic and didn't show me any of the techniques I needed.

In 2007 I accidentally got all the software that could break through the Internet blockade. At an Internet bar, I successfully logged into the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, which I hadn't visited for such a long time. After that, our local material production centers no longer relied on practitioners in other places. We sent lists of the names of people that wanted to quit the CCP, along with their telephone numbers and email addresses, to the Dajiyuan (Epoch Times) and Minghui websites. My computer skills improved greatly after I studied the materials on the Minghui website.

In 2008 we held an experience sharing with practitioners from other areas. The attendees worked in offices and came in formal and expensive clothes or were peasants in simple attire. All had cultivated quite well with a high understanding of the Fa, and they shared their experiences sincerely. Each practitioner in my city was greatly encouraged and wanted to cultivate more diligently. The number of people who were quitting the CCP was rising rapidly. At the same time, because practitioners contacted each other more frequently, more practitioners were being arrested and illegally sentenced. The Xixia District Court in Yinchuan City announced that the trial proceedings would be broadcast live, but the next day the court secretly sentenced the practitioners. Police arrested practitioners and sentenced them to forced labor if they were not able to extort money from them or their families. But other practitioners refused to be influenced, and kept doing the three things with determination.

All my relatives have withdrawn from the CCP. The majority of my former classmates are in charge of government departments, and some even hold very high positions. Though they are well educated and consider themselves to be independent thinkers, they are very much poisoned by the Party culture. But I will not give up on them.

I have written a lot. Though I don't think I have cultivated well and lag far behind diligent practitioners, I still wanted to present my experiences to Master.

Once again, greetings to Master!

Greetings to the editor practitioners of Minghui!

Many thanks to all overseas practitioners!