(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I'm much honored to have this opportunity to share my personal experience with fellow practitioners who are also participating in the The Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference. During this era of clarifying the truth to offer salvation to sentient beings, along with hundreds of other practitioners, I am also doing the three things that Master asks us to do. My main task is to edit the truth-clarifying brochures and pamphlets for our local area. Over more than three years, I have edited about one hundred brochures and pamphlets. This article intends to report to Master and our fellow practitioners about my personal experience in editing truth-clarifying materials.

A Divine and Noble Task

After the material site was established, I noticed a problem: The number of practitioners and ordinary people who could get onto the Minghui/Clearwisdom website to learn the truth about Falun Gong was limited. It was very difficult for them to learn the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong in a timely manner. To help fellow practitioners find out about the situation, and to help sentient beings to learn the truth about the persecution, we missed doing one important thing, which was to print out the information from Minghui onto brochures, making it much easier to get the word out on a larger scale. Hence, I began to collect and put together the cases of local practitioners who had suffered from the persecution and put their stories in pamphlets and brochures. The fellow practitioners who were working on Minghui encouraged and supported me, and they also uploaded every issue of the pamphlets online. After that, the practitioners working at the material making sites were able to download the brochures and print them out.

Miracles occurred when we worked together to make the brochures. At first, my computer skills were very limited, but I was not scared away. During the process, Dafa gave me the wisdom to be able to quickly learn all the skills that I needed in editing.

A regular brochure can eliminate and shock the evil elements behind those who carry out the persecution. Once I collected the articles about the organ harvesting atrocity that one of our local hospitals was conducting, and published a brochure on Minghui. Very soon after that, the local government ran a TV station broadcast on how that hospital emphasized humanism in its treatment of patients. In reality, the evil parties involved were scared and trying cover up their notorious deeds.

One day, after we distributed a large amount of truth-clarifying materials, one of our coordinators was arrested, and the practitioner who went to appeal to the authorities was also arrested. Furthermore, she was brutally force fed. Back then, the environment around us was very vicious. I was scared: Should I continue or pause for a while? I decided to continue exposing the persecution; the wilder they were, the more I should expose them. After submitting the brochure and post-it banner that exposed that particular event to Minghui, I could feel that the environment surrounding me was cleansed and was replaced with Fa-rectification factors.

I realized that editing truth clarifying articles was an honorable job. Our merciful Master arranged this noble task for me, and I feel much honored. I have decided to continue doing this job well. I know that I can only do this task well as long as I continue eliminating my selfishness. Our fellow practitioners need to collaborate well so that we can save more people to fulfill our vows that we made in history.

Editing Truth Clarifying Materials Is a Process of Eliminating Selfishness

For a period of time, my work unit always asked us to work on Saturdays and Sundays. At the same time, my family also asked me to do household chores. My spare time was scarce, but the time for editing was also tight. It took a large amount of time to do my job, both at work and at home. At first, I was very unwilling to do those jobs. Afterwards, I realized that being a Dafa practitioner meant I was to think about others first, and harmonize myself with everything around me. I should not only emphasize how important my practitioner tasks were. In doing so, I was being selfish. I should not use this kind of selfish mentality when doing a noble job. From then on, I did my best to abide by what the manager of our work unit requested. In addition, I squeezed in time to do household chores. After that, I would use the rest of my time to edit truth-clarifying materials. Although I had less time, I never missed a single issue of the brochure. To the contrary, I even felt that I had improved my thoughts, and the brochures and pamphlets that I edited were of a higher quality.

One Saturday while I was working, I had to have lunch with a customer. After that, it was already late, but I still needed to accomplish my assignments at work. However, the brochure that I was editing could not wait either. After work that day, I spent only one hour to finish editing the brochure before submitting it to Minghui. I knew that I did not do a high-quality job this time since I rushed through it. After it was published on Minghui, I noticed that many parts were modified with the original content intact. It was also much better than the ones that I edited before. From this event, I saw the power of our group as a whole: The practitioners working for Minghui and I acted as one body; I was not working by myself.

I used to just scan the news on Minghui and some other websites, looking for the technical features and downloading some pictures that I liked. My attachments arose before I noticed them. For a while, I was fond of reading articles about Udumbara flowers, so I collected many articles about Udumbara and put them in the brochures. In doing so, I had actually deviated from the main tasks, such as exposing the evil, clarifying the truth, and convincing people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Hence, my attachment to Udumbara caused fellow practitioners in our local area to become attached as well. This decreased our effectiveness of offering salvation to sentient beings. It was a lesson that we all need to learn.

Improving Collectively, Helping People to Learn the Truth

In the past, when I edited articles, I was only worried about clarifying the truth well and the methods that I must use. However, once was I telling a person about the truth of Dafa, but he asked me what the 610 Office was. I realized that many people had no idea about the truth of Falun Gong. From then on, I did my best to understand from an ordinary people's perspective while editing the materials. I would always include the materials that would provide the basic knowledge of Falun Gong, such as what was Falun Gong and the 610 Office, etc.

As an editor, I needed to stay safe. Because of that, I was cultivating on my own in solitary. At first, I felt I was a one-soldier army. However, as time went by, I realized that, although I did not interact with other fellow practitioners, we were one body. I was not alone. I only learned this when I wrote a very long article exposing the persecution. It would not have been enough if the brochures contained only short articles. To make our brochures more powerful and effective, we must also include some articles that go into more detail. Hence, I began to collect the persecution cases of our local practitioners, and wrote them down in long articles and submitted them to Minghui. However, at first, I did not focus my articles on offering salvation to sentient beings.

One day, while collecting materials on the brutal tortures that many local practitioners suffered, I found out that the vicious Communist Party thugs used tremendously brutal methods to torture practitioners. I was deeply touched by those cases, so I collected many such cases and put them in a long article and submitted it to Minghui. Minghui quickly published my article, and I was very happy.

The next day I suddenly felt chills. It seemed as if I had the flu. My head was also aching. At first, I thought that, because I had just finished a big project to expose the persecution of Falun Gong, I was experiencing an unnecessary tribulation. However, after I gave it a second thought, I realized that my initial reaction to the matter meant that I was accepting this evil interference. After realizing this, I began to send forth righteous thoughts. Yet, somehow, I was unable to eliminate everything entirely, so I started to search inside myself. I discovered that behind my thought, "I published my article," I had the attachment to fame and selfishness. As a matter of fact, everything mentioned in my article was a result of fellow practitioners' collective efforts in righteous actions and thoughts. In addition, some other practitioners, after learning about those specific incidents, also posted some related articles on Minghui. It was a very dangerous thing for them to do, yet all I did was to collect the information and put it in my article. What else had I done? Wasn't it all carried out by fellow practitioners with their righteous behavior and thoughts? I had claimed it to be "my article" out of the attachment to fame. Such a strong attachment of selfishness would definitely be taken advantage of by the evil forces. As soon as I discovered my selfish thoughts, the flu symptoms disappeared.

From this incident, I learned that Dafa practitioners are one body. Every practitioner who is involved in helping to save sentient beings with our locally made brochures is part of the one body. After some practitioners were persecuted, other practitioners reported the persecution to Minghui. Then other practitioners printed out the materials and distributed them throughout the area. Everyone involved in the entire process is a part of the whole body. Every single part of the entire body has to think about saving people and selflessly work in a collaborative manner. Therefore, the force of the one body will be stronger, and thus we can do our best to save more sentient beings.

Master said in "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference," "It's just like when this fist goes out- it's strong when everyone is clenched together."

I know that I still need to work even more diligently. I am still attached to human sentiment, fame, and financial benefits. However, I understand that I need to do the three things well and collaborate with fellow practitioners to assist Master in Fa-rectification.