(Clearwisdom.net) On the cold afternoon of December 4, 2009, while I was waiting for the bus, a friendly, old man who sold newspapers on the side of the road approached me and asked, "Would you like a newspaper?" I often passed by there, but I had never seen this man before. I haven't bought a newspaper in years, so I kindly refused him. He walked back to his booth.

Life had been tough recently: conflicts with fellow practitioners, the presssures from my job and my personal problems, left me feeling lonely, helpless and bitter. I knew that there must be something wrong with me to cause these issues, but I did not know what they could be. I gradually lost motivation and slacked off on my efforts in clarifying the truth.

I thought that maybe I could do something while waiting for the bus. I looked back at the newspaper man and his booth. Life was not easy for him to manage the small booth. I realized that I had some money with truth clarification phrases written on them in my pockets. Why not buy a newspaper? I bought a newspaper and started to chat with him. He was very talkative. He told me that he was born in 1942 and had witnessed all the movements and campaigns that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched. He had been a soldier before and was a member of the CCP. The way he talked with me and his facial expressions were very sincere, I felt like he was expecting something, and I knew what I should do.

The street was noisy with many people walking by. Fear appeared in my mind. I was hesitant but I managed to ask him to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He nodded his head in agreement, and was happy, like a child. I told him to recite "Falun Dafa is good," and he nodded his head again. I felt a little surprised and moved by his willingness to listen to a young man like me.

An accidental encounter carried a big mission. If I had ignored it, I would have missed my responsibility. Isn't the great responsibility and mission that practitioners have shouldered reflected in every thing we run into in our daily lives? I did not cultivate diligently, so I lacked motivation in truth clarification, and my righteous thoughts were not strong. These have left regret on the things I did. Teacher taught the Fa regarding this matter. It wasn't until now that I understand the deep meaning of it. As Teacher said, "Accomplishing is cultivating." ("Solid Cultivation" Hong Yin)(Official translation)

December 5, 2009