(Clearwisdom.net) At 12 noon on November 6, 2009 in Dayangshu Town, Hulunbuir City, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, four police jumped over a fence into Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Guilan's yard, and then broke into the house. Without legal documents, they held Ms. Wang's daughter and another Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhen Haiyan on the ground hitting and kicking them, before taking them by force to Dayangshu Town Police Station.

Ms. Zhen Haiyan's home is in Fifth Row, Xinhua Village, Dayangshu Town. Her husband was Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yang Yuxin. They were married on May 1, 2007. One month later, they were both illegally arrested. In August of 2007, Mr. Yang was tortured to death. Ms. Zhen was also tortured so badly that she could not take care of herself.

This time when Ms. Zhen was taken to the police station, there was foam coming out of her mouth and she was in a very bad state physically. The police not only refused to provide any medical treatment, but instead said, "It's not a problem if she dies." Not until Ms. Zhen was in critical condition did the police finally bring in a doctor, and took Ms. Zhen to the hospital. At around 9 p.m., Ms. Zhen was put into Alihe Detention Center. Ms. Zhen had already lost consciousness at the time, but the police just brutally carried her into the detention center.

Wife Released After Family Paid 5000 Yuan Fine; Husband Tortured to Death

At around 8 p.m. on May 31, 2007, several people led by Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office Chair Zhang Shibin (male), broke into Ms. Zhen's mother's home, and arrested the newly married couple Mr. Yang and Ms. Zhen. The police did not go through any legal procedures. Zhang Shibin pointed a handgun at Mr. Yang's head while four or five agents carried him to a vehicle. The agents ransacked their home and took them to Morin Dawa Prefecture Detention Center.

One month later, Ms. Zhen's health was in bad condition. Zhang Shibin did not tell Ms. Zhen's family about her condition, but just told them to turn in 10,000 yuan (about 1,500 USD) and then he would release her. The family told him that they did not have that much money. Zhang then asked for 5,000 yuan. Hoping to bring Ms. Zhen back home, the family borrowed 5,000 yuan and after they give it to Zhang, they saw that Ms. Zhen had been very sick for more than two weeks.

Mr. Yang was tortured to death, and he suffered through many horrendous tortures before dying. His torturers used the "water bridge" where guards continuously poured cold water over him from head to toe, bucket after bucket, until he lost consciousness. Zhang Shibin also ordered prisoners to stab Mr. Yang's feet with toothpicks, and to beat his arms until they were covered with bruises.

On the evening of August 27, 2007, Morin Dawa Prefecture Police Station called Dayangshu Town Police Station, and said Mr. Yang was dead, and told them to notify Mr. Yang's aunt. Mr. Yang's aunt received the phone call from Dayangshu Police Station. She questioned why Morin Dawa Prefecture Police Station would not directly notify the family. They made up something, "In police stations or jails, there is no responsibility to (directly) notify the family (if someone dies)."

Ms. Zhen refused to sign the cremation order and was imprisoned again

Mr. Yang's body had dark bruises under his neck, his mouth would not close, and both of his arms were bruised and were crossed in front of his chest. His body was very stiff. In order to cover up the crimes, Zhang Shibin, in collusion with the police station, detention center, and hospital made a false scene and then requested to have Mr. Yang's body cremated immediately. Ms. Zhen refused and asked to examine body. They agreed but told the family that they were not allowed to cry. Afterwards they again carried the body into the vehicle and told the family to sign for the cremation. The family refused.

In the afternoon of September 10, Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office again went to Ms. Zhen's mother's home. They lied to her and said , "Your daughter's health is not good. We are taking her to see the doctor." Then, with no documents or legal procedures, they carried Ms. Zhen outside. Ms. Zhen's mother would not let them, and several police held her down. The mother became desperate and bit their hands. When she ran outside, she saw Ms. Zhen's feet were still outside the police car, but the car was already driving away.

On the way to Morin Dawa Prefecture, Ms. Zhen suddenly had a seizure and became unconscious. They were on the road for several hundred of miles but none of the police took care of her. When they got to Morin, the police thought she was going to die, so they drove to the hospital, and gave her some shots and drugs before taking her to the detention center.

Ms. Zhen did not regain consciousness until the next morning. The female police officer and several people from the 610 Office tried to get her to sign a document renouncing her belief in Falun Gong and the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. She refused. Zhang Shibin brought some people from legal and police departments to try and intimidate her. They said, "It does not matter if you agree or not. This is a legal procedure. That's it. You have to agree and sign no matter what." He also said, "If you refuse to sign, then you will be sent to a forced labor camp." Ms. Zhen asked, "Based on what?" Zhang said, "Based on nothing!" On September 13, around 2~3 p.m., detention center director Li brought a number of people and said to Ms. Zhen, "See how nice we are to you? We are taking you to see the doctor." Then they carried her to the police car and directly took her to Tumuji Forced Labor Camp.

Whenever Ms. Zhen began to have seizure, a jail doctor would give her a shot. No one knows how many shots Ms. Zhen had before they got there. People in the forced labor camp said that when Ms. Zhen arrived, she looked very ill. She could not walk and her consciousness was very vague. The forced labor camp worried that she might have contagious diseases and requested her to have a medical examination. However, Ms. Zhen was so weak that she could not give any urine, and the medical examination could not be done. Zhang Shibin said, "Just get some urine from some other people and use that in the test." The doctor did not agree to it so the forced labor camp would not keep Ms. Zhen, but Zhang forced them to accept her and the labor camp had to agree.

Sent Home When in Critical Condition; Left Home to Avoid Harassment

A little after 10 p.m. on November 22, the forced labor camp notified Ms. Zhen's family to take her home. Ms. Zhen was tortured so badly that she was just lying on the ground like a vegetative patient. When she was carried onto an ambulance from the forced labor camp, she had already lost consciousness from bad seizures. When Ms. Zhen got home, she was still unconscious and incontinent.

During the time Ms. Zhen was arrested, without any agreement from the family, Zhang Shibin had taken Mr. Yang's body to the crematory.

A husband was tortured to death and his wife was in a vegetative state. A good home was destroyed just like this by the 610 Office.

Ms. Zhen kept practicing Falun Gong and doing the exercises and her body magically recovered. After this, the police went to her home many times to harass her, so Ms. Zhen was forced to leave home. In August of 2009, police again went her home twice and spread the word that if they found her, they would throw her in jail and never let her out until she died.

Morin Dawa Prefecture Police Station, Wulubutie Town Police Station, and Dayangshu Police Station all participated in arresting Ms. Zhen this time. Specific people included Li Benxue, Jin Shu, De Nengshan, and Secretary Yao, etc.

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