(Clearwisdom.net) It has been more than ten days since the Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China began. Every day I've read every single article. After reading these honest and touching articles, I feel very shocked.

I have observed that practitioners in this conference are from a wide range of professions, including scholars, the well-educated, officials, cadres, workers, farmers, and students. Not only do practitioners come from all walks of life, they are from all age groups. One practitioner is 99 years old, while another is only 15. Although they have different family backgrounds, different occupations, and different paths of cultivation, they all have the same goals--to return to their original, true selves and save sentient beings. Facing the ten-year persecution by the evil CCP, the reign of terror, and even having their very lives threatened, they are fearless and still keep steadfastly walking on the path of cultivation. Reading each touching article and comparing myself with them, I really feel deeply ashamed.

Especially looking back over my performance during these last months, I am ashamed to face Master and sentient beings. Because I haven't gotten rid of my ordinary human fears, I haven't come out to clarify the facts about Falun Gong face to face. Due to my seeking ease and comfort, I've even slept instead of practicing the morning exercises. Although I always studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts, I didn't do them wholeheartedly. Sometimes, I have a strong attachment to food and seek out good food in order to treat myself well. Sometimes I even eat while reading experience articles online. However, I couldn't swallow two days ago when I read one article. It talked about an elderly practitioner who has no regular source of income, but she earns two hundred yuan by taking care of her daughter's children. Even in this tight situation, she is frugal and spends little on herself. It took a long time, but she managed to save one thousand yuan to buy a printer to make truth-clarifying materials and save sentient beings. I cried when I read this. I really felt ashamed when I compared myself with that practitioner. An article published on November 12, 2009, was by another elderly practitioner. This practitioner was illegally arrested by the evil police. Because she displayed righteous thoughts and righteous actions instead of any fear, she was able to walk out of the prison even though she was closely being monitored by five to six guards. The guards were dumbfounded and later said, "That grandma must have had wheels to get out!"

Practicing cultivation is serious. It's like rowing upstream: if we don't continually advance and raise our levels, the current will pull us back. I had a dream several days ago. In that dream, I was on a train that was supposed to pass over a viaduct, but in the end was at the bottom. It felt strange, and I was wondering why the train had dropped down. I don't remember how I got off the train in the dream, I only remember that I walked along the tracks and found a bypass on the left. I was about to go that way when, suddenly, a row of barriers came out of the ground and blocked the road in front of me, so I didn't stop there. Then I saw several train compartments that were crowded with many people. At the end, there was something that looked like a sled onto which many people had crowded. However, all of them were tied down. When they came closer and were in front of me, I saw that they were all crying. I also began crying and cried so hard that I woke up. Every time I remember this dream, I tremble and feel terrible. I enlightened that our revered Master used this dream to enlighten me. If I don't strive forward, I won't succeed and consummate in the end. All the sentient beings in my world will be eliminated. I am responsible for their future and they are worried! I cannot disappoint Master! I cannot disappoint them! The very next day, I resumed practicing the morning exercises and have not slacked off doing the three things.

November 16, 2009