(Clearwisdom.net) Over the last decade, guards and prisoners at Hewan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan have committed thousands of evil deeds to persecute Dafa practitioners. They force practitioners to do slave labor, beat them, and constantly monitor them. In April 2009, guard Zhang Hao and others beat, kicked, and used electric batons to shock practitioner Mr. Yang Chengtao because he refused to do the slave labor. As a result, Yang became incontinent.

In early April of 2009, practitioners Mr. Yang Chengtao and Mr. Hu Jiancheng were detained in the second brigade of the forced labor camp. They refused to work to resist the persecution. Guard Zhang Hao and Wang, the Manufacturing Brigade lead guard, instructed drug offender Zhang Zhihong, the third squad leader Wang Gang, and others to drag the two practitioners from the third floor to the first floor. Zhang Hao and Wang beat and kicked the two practitioners in front of the whole brigade of prisoners. Yang Chengtao's lips immediately swelled grotesquely from the beating. Lead guard Wang shocked Mr. Yang's hands and neck with an electric baton until Mr. Yang became incontinent. The guards and prisoners continued to drag the practitioners around and forced them to work in the manufacturing workshop.

Under the second brigade guards' instructions, an "informant," usually a drug offender, is assigned to monitor practitioners' every movement, eavesdrop on their conversations, and report directly to the guards what is being said and done. At the guards' instigation, they do not allow practitioners to talk to each other or to talk to other prisoners. Drug offenders and monitor Zhang Zhihong beat and cursed Mr. Yang Chengtao at will. At night, Zhang Zhihong forced Mr. Yang to massage him, for time spans ranging from a few hours to through the night.. He said the guards allowed him to give such orders.

In mid-May 2009, practitioner Mr. Li Sanyuan, currently detained in the second brigade, resisted the persecution and did not participate in the inmate morning run. Returning to the squad, Mr. Li was beaten by drug offenders Zhang Zhixun, Zhang Jun, Zhong Lijun, and others, six or seven in all, as prearranged by the guards. Mr. Li's nose was broken and bled profusely. Large bloodstains were left on the ground and on his clothes.. At the time, Zhang Zhixun said that the guards told him to beat Mr. Li Sanyuan.

When the drug offenders were not paying any attention to him, Mr. Li Sanyuan sneaked down from the third floor to the first floor to tell the on-duty guards, Li Jing and Zhang Lei, that he had been beaten. The two guards just ignored him. Then Zhong Lijun came downstairs. Guard Zhang Lei told Zhong Lijun, "Take him (referring to Li Sanyuan) upstairs."

Justice has been served. In July, everyone responsible for beating Mr. Li Sanyuan received retribution, in turn. This has has proved to be a powerful deterrent to the inmates. Zhang Zhixun was slapped in the face in front of all the inmates by guard Zhang Hao. Zhang Jun was infected with tuberculosis, jaundice, and hepatitis as a result of injecting drugs.