(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Dong Jiahe is a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiaying Village, Neidong Township in Huili County, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Because of his firm belief in Falun Gong, he was sentenced to forced labor twice and detained for a total of four years.

The following is Mr. Dong's personal account of the persecution he endured.

My name is Dong Jiahe. I am 50 years old. I live in Xiaying Village, Neidong Township in Huili County. Fortunately, I started practicing Falun Dafa in December 1998. Since then, I have benefited from Dafa physically and spiritually.

In July 2002, my two sisters were arrested while we were all distributing truth-clarifying materials in Xinfa Township, Tong'an Town. Police officers beat and kicked them violently, pulled them into the police car and took them to the township's headquarters. Later, they transferred my sisters to Tong'an Police Station and Huili County Detention Center.

During that time, the police put out a search warrant for my arrest and had officials in the township, village, and group monitor my home. They frequently harassed my family and followed me everywhere, attempting to arrest me. I was forced to leave my home and went to Panzhihua City.

On the evening of October 27, 2002, while I was studying the Fa with fellow practitioners, someone knocked on my door, "The water drain is leaking. We need to check it here." A practitioner opened the door, and in came Zhang Bolin and Tian Ping, two officials from Panzhihua City's {{610 Office},} and a gang of policemen. They arrested us and confiscated our Dafa books, tape recorder, and other items. Later, they took us to the East Area Police Station and interrogated us using torture. When they couldn't acquire any information they could use to charge us, they took us to the detention center.

The following day, several policemen tried to force me to sign the detainment certificate. I hadn't violated the law, so I refused to sign. The police gave me a violent beating. Many times I fell to the ground. They pulled me up again and continued beating me until my mouth was full of blood. Later, they took me to cell number 32 in the detention center.

On the third day, Zhang Bolin took several policemen to the cell where I was. They used a black plastic bag to cover my head and fastened it tightly around my neck. I almost suffocated. They took me to Liqin Garden in Panzhihua City, where they handcuffed me to a metal window. One policeman beat me using a wooden stick while other officers beat and brutally kicked me. "What's your name? Where are you from? Where did you get the materials?" I only replied, "Falun Dafa is good!" Hearing this, they beat me more violently. When I fainted, they poured cold water on me, trying to wake me up. Later, they continued beating me until I fainted again. At midnight, I was awakened by another group of police officers preparing to torture me. They hung me up high and handcuffed me to the metal door. Only my toes touched the ground. They continued beating me violently. One policeman said, "If you don't reply, we will hang you up until you die. We have many methods to deal with you." Then they gave me another violent beating until I fainted again. Early the next morning, I found that I was sleeping on the cement floor. I was wet all over and very cold. Just then, Zhang Bolin and Tian Ping, officials from Panzhihua City's 610 Office, came again. They kicked me and handcuffed me to a chair. In the afternoon, they took me again to cell 32. I was not given any food or water until October 29.

On November 27, 2002, Yang Shaoliang and Wang Zifa, officials from Huili County's Domestic Security Division, as well as a policeman, took me to Huili County Detention Center. Because I refused to talk to them, a policeman named Xiong Zhiqiang gave me a violent beating with a machine-belt until it broke. Then he beat me with a fang-like baton until I was swollen and black and blue all over. Xiong Zhiqiang and a criminal named Li Xiaoshun hung me up and handcuffed me to a tree. They stabbed my ears with thin sticks. I was handcuffed so tightly that the bones in my right hand and wrist protruded. It took me a long time to recover. That night, Li Xiaoshun pulled me into a cell. Li Yongkun and several other policemen from the local Domestic Security Division came to beat me. Li Yongkun slapped my face and kicked me, then put me into cell number 3.

On the following day, Wang Zifa came to interrogate me: "You and your sisters went to distribute materials in Tong'an Town. Who took the lead? Where did you get the materials?" I replied, "No one took the lead. We all volunteered to do it. Did you read the materials? They simply say that Falun Dafa is good!" Hearing my reply, Wang Zifa uttered a curse and pulled me into the corner. He forced my head against the wall, then beat and kicked me violently. For the next several days, he interrogated me using torture. Finally, he showed me a notice of forced labor and tried to make me to sign the paper. I refused to sign. Ma Jianlin, a policeman from the local Domestic Security Division, beat me brutally with iron chains until my entire back festered with blisters.

On April 2, 2002, I was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. I was detained in Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. In the labor camp, a policeman called Wang Bangying tried to make me to write the three statements. Four criminals sentenced for drug abuse that were assigned to monitor and torture me forcefully pulled me into a room, where my fingerprints were taken. From then on, I was forced to do heavy labor for more than ten hours a day. One year later, I declared null and void the three statements. Just because of this, I was given an extension of four months detainment. I was released in August 2004.

In December 2006, I was arrested again and taken to Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. In the labor camp, several guards, including Zhang Xiaogang, Shen Rui and Zhao Jinhui, instructed Wang Yong, Xi Deyong, and several other criminals charged with drug abuse to monitor and torture me. I was not allowed to sleep for 22 hours. I was ordered to stand against the wall for a long time until my feet were too swollen to move, then I was forced to sit on a small stool for the remainder of the 22 hours but was not allowed to move even a little. They forcefully brainwashed me and ordered me to write the three statements. They beat, kicked, and insulted me every day. I was seriously injured both physically and spiritually. Because I refused to copy the three statements and four statements, a guard named Liu ordered me to have a talk with him. Actually, he used this as an excuse to deprive me of sleep. Later, he detained me in a small, isolated room for more than a month. In the small, isolated room, regular prisoners persecuted me for an entire 24 hours while the policemen went on patrol outside. Nobody knew what happened inside that room. I was released in August 2008.

The following is a list of the police officers who persecuted me.

Zhang Bolin, male, about 50, head of the Panzhihua City 610 Office
Tian Ping, female, about 40, a policewoman with the Panzhihua City 610 Office
Yang Shaoliang, male, about 45, head of the Huili County 610 Office, lives in the Community of Huili County Committee.
Pu Maohua, male, about 40, a policeman with the Huili County 610 Office.
Wang Zifa, male, about 40, a policeman with the Huili County 610 Office.
Ma Jianlin, male, about 40, a policeman with the Huili County 610 Office
Li Yongkun, male, about 45, an official of the local State Security Bureau, director of Huili County Police Bureau Office, lives in the Community of Huili County Construction Bank.
Xiong Zhiqiang, male, about 48, superintendent of the Huili County detention center, lives in the Community of Huili County Police Bureau.

October 26, 2009