Background and Difficult Life

I am 67. My father was a director of Chinese Medicine in the Chinese Nationalist Party government. (The Nationalists lost the war to the Communists and retreated to Taiwan in 1949). Although he was hardworking, highly-skilled, and well-loved, he was still killed by agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1950 for having served with the Nationalist government. My mother died of fear. I, their only child, then 7, became an orphan whom nobody wanted to look after because I was considered a child that had inherited bad blood.

It was a miracle that I survived childhood, which was full of humiliation and hardship. I married but was divorced in 1978 because my husband feared that my background would negatively impact his career. I had three children, ages 14, 8, and 4 at the time. I never gave up and managed to struggle to bring them up. At each critical moment, there was always some kindhearted people to help me get over one big hurdle after another. Now I realize this happened because Teacher was holding my hand all that time. I endured all that as I waited for Dafa and to be saved.

Experiencing difficulties built up strong determination, but also affected me physically. Although my three children all completed their studies, the extra work left me with many physical ailments, including headaches, neurasthenia, heart disease, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcers, uterine fibroids, hemorrhoids, degenerative osteoarthritis, back and leg pain, skin diseases, and so on. It was very painful and tiresome for me to live. I thought about my situation a lot, but couldn't figure out why I was living and what was the purpose of being alive.

Fortunate to Know Dafa

On April 15, 1997, my birthday, I found out about Dafa. After 20 days of just doing the exercises, and even before I started studying the Fa, all my illnesses, which hadn't been cured no matter how much money I spent or what Chinese medicine or Western medicine methods I tried, were gone. My youngest daughter was a doctor. She took me for a check up and no diseases were found at all. All of my family witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa. My eldest daughter also wrote a thank you letter. I am very grateful to Teacher for saving me and teaching me to walk on the righteous path.

Validating the Fa

On the afternoon of July 1, 2001, someone reported me to the police for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Police officers came to my home to arrest me and ransack my home. They pressured and cheated my family out of than 10,000 yuan by saying they would send me to a forced labor camp. Under Teacher's benevolent protection, I returned home safely after 10 days.

I decided to go back to my hometown in the south of China to clarify the truth and help Teacher save the sentient beings there. I bought the train ticket three times, but returned it each time because my children didn't want me to go on a long trip by myself. I asked Teacher to strengthen me so my children would not worry about me. I made the trip on the fourth try. I rode the train for 16 hours to get to Changsha City, Hunan Province, and then transferred to a long-distance bus. Suddenly I started feeling muddle-headed and throwing up. I thought, "No wonder my children didn't want me to travel. It makes sense." Then I said to myself, "That's not right. That is a human notion. I am a cultivator. I have Teacher to take care of me." So I humbly asked Teacher to strengthen me. I also sent strong righteous thoughts. Within two minutes, all of my discomfort disappeared. Everything returned to normal, and I arrived at my hometown without further incident. There, with Teacher's strengthening, I helped over 80 relatives and friends to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The Miracle of Dafa

Recently, I was hit by motorcycles on two occasions. I wasn't knocked down, but the motorcycles fell over. One time, as I was distributing informational materials, a young man told me that my bag had been stolen. I thought, "That's bad. Nowadays who will help me get it back?" Then I immediately started having righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to strengthen me to get the bag back because it contained Falun Gong materials. Before I said three sentences, two young men came up to me with my bag in their hands, asking, "Auntie, is this your bag?" They had taken it from the thief.

Not Being Moved by Tribulations at Home

After I was persecuted, my children's attitude toward me changed due to their fear of the CCP. They and my grandson became very short-tempered with me and wouldn't listen to me. My daughter-in-law wanted to take over my apartment. Teacher has resolved many tribulations for me, and I felt very sorry for adding these troubles to great, benevolent Teacher. I know I can never pay back what Teacher has suffered for me. I keep telling myself that I should follow Teacher's words to do well the three things.

Since I only attended school for one year, it was hard for me to understand the deeper meaning of Dafa. I should be more diligent, spend more effort, suffer more hardships, send more righteous thoughts, and save more sentient beings to make up for my gaps in understanding. Revered Teacher, please be assured that I will do my best during face-to-face interactions and clarify the truth whenever I have the opportunity to save more sentient beings.

Original Article: July 14, 2009