(Clearwisdom.net) I recently went to a fellow practitioner's home to pick up truth-clarification DVDs. The practitioners there told me, "The program, We Tell the Future, has problems with the audio after the sixth episode. This really wastes manpower and resources. It's probably better to not make it." I felt uncomfortable upon hearing this. Similar incidents have happened in the past where there was nothing wrong with the DVDs after I got home and checked them. Another practitioner later reminded me to look inward.

When I got home, I immediately played the DVD on my computer and DVD player. The program turned out fine. I said to myself, "This DVD has been checked by two practitioners. Why didn't they check it carefully? I always have to do it myself!" Suddenly, I realized my thoughts were not right. Teacher tells us to look inward when we encounter any situation. If it wasn't related to our cultivation, it wouldn't have been arranged for us to encounter. I then told myself, "Nothing is coincidental. There must be some attachments that I need to eliminate."

When looking inward, I realized that I feel uncomfortable whenever I hear negative opinions. Isn't this because I have an attachment to hearing positive comments from others? Furthermore, when I encounter criticism, I always feel disgruntled even though I don't show it. In other dimensions, everything is alive. The process of cultivation is to eliminate human attachments. Our superficial conduct is for ordinary people to see, but cultivating xinxing is crystal clear to gods. I must cultivate diligently and not deceive myself. When I complained about other practitioners, I was actually trying to avoid conflicts and my responsibility.

After finding my attachments, I also realized that I fell short of Teacher's requirements for a practitioner. Although I am a veteran practitioner who has practiced Falun Gong since 1996, I still have many human attachments. In fact, Teacher emphasized in "A Dialog with Time" that practitioners should look inward. Through cultivation, a human being can become a god, and this is the most serious matter in the cosmos. In our previous lives, we fell short of the standards at various levels and thus descended to the human level. The purpose of cultivation is to return to our origin, true self and to eliminate human attachments.

Recently, Teacher has been giving me hints. For example, my cell phone battery would suddenly run out after it was just fully charged; I couldn't access the Internet for two days during the period of the Chinese Communist Party's National Day; the Internet speed was extremely slow; the exercise music suddenly stopped when I was in the middle of doing the exercises; or I couldn't hear the alarm clock for the morning exercises. Although I found many attachments when looking inward, I couldn't advance diligently. Recently I have not dared to look at Teacher's photo. I have sincerely made up my mind to advance diligently in the future, not slack off in cultivation, and improve myself in order to do the three things and do better in saving sentient beings.