On October 9, 2009, the Shulan Court in Jilin Province started the illegal trial of Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Junqi. Mr. Yang was innocent, and his attorney did a great job defending him. The trial made a mockery of Shulan Court.

That morning the courtroom was heavily guarded. The local government called on 60 government officials and clerks and made them sit in the audience.

Before the trial started, police from the court called the attorney and said, "First, do not offer a 'not guilty' plea for Yang. Second, submit your defense transcripts to the Court." The attorney refused and said, "We are not going to cooperate with these kinds of illegal requests. I will not defend my client illegally. As for the defense transcripts, the trial hasn't started yet, how would I have any defense transcripts?" A person from the Legislative Department of Jilin Province said, "Let them (the court and the judge) save a little face. We need to be on the side of local government. Please follow their procedures and accept their sentence." The attorney refused.

When the trial started, a policewoman ordered the attorney to go to the bathroom and remove her clothes for a body search. The female attorney refused to submit to the search and said, "It's humiliating and violates my human rights. You can't even do this at any time to a criminal suspect, how can you do this to a professional attorney? Even though you are a policewoman, what you just said doesn't make any sense. Please show me the law or regulations that justifies your order."

Mr. Yang was brought into the courtroom wearing heavy handcuffs and shackles. The attorney pointed out, "My client is not a criminal. According to the Superior Court, his handcuffs and shackles should be removed." The Court had no choice but to comply with the attorney's request.

When the attorney defended Mr. Yang, Chief Justice Wang Yuxia interrupted her many times. She even threatened her, saying, "I will expel you from the courtroom if you insist on defending Yang as not guilty."

The attorney answered, "You don't have the power to do that. I'm here to defend Mr. Yang based on his request according to the law. I'm not violating any laws or regulations. If you continue to act like this, I'm also going to request we expel the judge." People in the audience had to hold back their laughter. The judge's face turned red and she was quite embarrassed.

The judge mentioned that Yang had six computers. The attorney said, "Six computers. No matter how many computers he has, they are all his personal property. It doesn't violate any laws or regulations. This has nothing to do with the case."

The attorney asked the Court to bring forth the evidence that Mr. Yang was tortured during interrogation. After a debate, the Court showed a medical record from the municipal hospital where Mr. Yang had been given emergency treatment. This showed that Mr. Yang had indeed been tortured during his interrogation.

The attorney asked the judge, "Is there any place in the Constitution or any laws or regulations that says Falun Gong is illegal? Please show me." The judge had nothing to say.

The attorney requested that Mr. Yang be pronounced "not guilty" and released right away.

Contact information of relevant personnel involved at Shulan Court:

Wang Yuxia, presiding judge in the Penal Department. Her cell phone number is 86-13500900148. Her home phone number is 86-432-8228148.

Wang Zhuyun, deputy presiding judge in the Penal Department. Her cell phone number is 86-13324321015. Her home phone number is 86-432-8230976.

Zhang Hongfu is the chair of Shulan Court. His phone number is 86-13904443318.

Cao Yanpeng is the deputy chair of the Shulan Court. His phone numbers are 86-15948495000 and 86-432-8224606.

Liu Yong is a judge at the Penal Department. His phone number is 86-432-7968060.