(Clearwisdom.net) My father joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) many years ago. He lives 60 kilometers (about 40 miles) from me. When I visit him each month, I bring him wine and food, as well as some money. He often praises me to his neighbors that I am a filial, good son.

In early 2007, I talked to my father about Falun Gong and asked him to quit the CCP. I thought that it would be easy since he was not satisfied with the CCP and had many complaints. However, things were not as simple as I thought. When clarifying the truth to him for the first time, I told him that the CCP had killed many people during the Cultural Revolution and that there is much corruption within. He enjoyed talking about this. Then I said, "The CCP is so bad that heaven will eliminate it. How about I quit the CCP for you?" He became angry and said to me, "I don't want to quit. Why do I have to do that?" I replied, "After one quits the CCP, he will have a safe future." He said, "Please take care of yourself first. If you have no trouble, we will all be safe. We are worried about you." Then he stopped listening to me no matter what I said.

Every month when I visited him, I hoped that he would quit the CCP, but it never worked out that way.

I later looked within and found my attachments. Every time I clarified the truth to my father, I had a mentality of pursuit. I thought of him as my father and not a sentient being who needs to be saved, and sometimes I even argued with him.

I bought a DVD player on March 26, 2008, and gave it to my father. Before playing the DVD disc I included with the player, I told him the story of the "stone with hidden words" that was discovered in Guizhou Province. He said, "I will not believe it until I see it for myself." I said, "All right, here it is." After watching the video, my father did not debate with me, nor did he make a decision. While spending the night there, I included him in my righteous thoughts and wanted to eliminate all the evil elements that prevented him from being saved.

I had to return home the next day. After breakfast, I brought up this topic again. He had no objections and said, "You can quit for me in private." I replied, "You have to agree on it, otherwise, it will not count." Upon leaving there at noon, my father specifically reminded me, "You can quit the CCP for me." Upon hearing that, I was almost in tears. I was touched and was very happy for him.