Oct. 13

The guards let inmates break Ms. Chen Zhenbo's collar bone by kicking her, tear her neck sinew and insert five-inch needles into her ears. With her body tilted to the right side, she lost the ability to walk. But the perpetrators still kept torturing her by depriving her of sleep, beating and cursing at her all night.

Oct. 14

Because Ms. Kang refused to give up Falun Gong practice, guards in the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp secretly injected her with unknown drugs.

Oct. 15

Mr. Lu and Ms. Xu, now in their 60s, were last arrested on July 23,2009. Mr Lu has since been sentenced to one year of forced labor. Ms Xu has been subjected to ongoing police harassment.

Oct. 16

In early September 2009, Ms. Liu Guangming was released from Baimalong Forced Labor Camp after brutal torture. However, on September 19, she was brought back again.

Oct. 17

Ms. Zheng Yuling is cremated against her family's wishes and her family is not allowed to hold a funeral.

Oct. 18

After being forced to live in destitute, Ms. Wen Qinglan was arrested when she was taking to people about Falun Gong. Her husband had been sentenced to four years in prison in a secret trail, because he distributed materials about the persecution.

Mr. Meng Fei was forced-fed over ten times and injected with unknown drug. When he was unconscious and developed a high fever of over 104º F, the police just left him to his family.

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