(Clearwisdom.net) (By a correspondent in Tianjin City) The national security police in Ji County, Tianjin City, worked with Dongerying Police Station to arrest the legless and mentally ill brother of practitioner Mr. Su Jianmin. They decided to put him in a forced labor camp for a year, but were unsuccessful in getting him admitted.

In September 2009, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police in Ji County used the pretext of "celebrating the 60th birthday of the nation" to aggressively arrest the practitioners in Ji County. They ransacked practitioners' homes, seized their property, put them in forced labor camps, and detained them. Mr. Su Jianmin in Dongerying Village escaped when the police went to search his home. The police returned again several times to harass his family Not able to find Mr. Su, they arrested his brother, who is mentally ill and has lost both of his legs.

Mr. Su's brother is not a Falun Gong practitioner, but the police arrested and detained him anyway. Afterwards, they decided to have him put in a forced labor camp for a year. They even tried to bribe the camp so that he would be admitted, but they were still turned away. The police carried him up and down the stairs several times, and even carried him to a restaurant.

Finally, after they could not find a place to take him, the CCP agents were forced to take him home. They intended to put him on the doorstep and leave, but his family members were not home at the time. Mr. Su's brother held onto a policeman's leg and said, "I don't want to go home. Someone carry me, and I will go with you to the restaurant." The police were scared and ran away as quickly as they could.

Written on October 9, 2009