1. Chinese Communist Party's Illegal Actions Lead a Woman to Begin Practicing Falun Dafa

Mr. Li, his wife, four children and two daughters-in-law are practitioners. His elder son's wife became a practitioner after facing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) attempts to persecute her husband.

In the autumn of 2000, Mr. Li's elder son was arrested for supporting Dafa. His wife met with the party secretary to find out his release requirements. The party secretary said, "You need to sign an agreement not to practice Falun Gong." She did so, but the secretary also required some money to be paid for his release, so she returned home to raise the funds. When she returned to exchange money for her husband's release, the CCP officials said that they could not release him. She became so angry that she pounded on the table and told the communists that they had no moral concepts, and added, "Now I know that the problem is not Falun Gong. It is communism. In the past I always blamed my husband and Falun Gong, but they do not lie. They believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. You guys are liars, and cannot be trusted. You don't like Falun Gong, and I shall start practicing it. You don't want people to go to Tiananmen Square. I shall go there tomorrow and tell people that Falun Dafa is good!" Her righteous words restrained them.

After her husband was released from jail, the couple took their three-year-old girl on a trip to Beijing. She asked, "Why are we going to Beijing?" Her father replied, "When we get there, you'll cry out 'Falun Dafa is good!'" As soon as they got off the train, the daughter shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Then, all three of them shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" together at Tiananmen Square. From that time onward, all three of them have been practitioners.

2. From Beneficiary To Practitioner

Mr. Li's youngest son was a beneficiary of "When one member practices, the entire family receives benefits." He was an electrician by trade. One day he was holding a drill in one hand while climbing a ladder to reach the second floor. As he stepped up to the second floor, the ladder fell, and he was knocked unconscious after hitting the ground. His co-workers took him to the hospital, where he was treated for a concussion. He was unconsciousness for the entire afternoon. When he left the hospital, he actually felt better than he did before. He became much more open-minded, and his friends felt that he had even become more intelligent.

Prior to his accident, he had very particular tastes, especially about food. Now he is completely open and flexible. Furthermore, his migraine headaches disappeared. He realized that he was a beneficiary, and decided to become a practitioner. His wife did not have a good impression of Dafa, because her brother-in-law and father-in-law were arrested several times and had their homes ransacked. After she witnessed the positive changes to her husband, and how nicely she was treated by practitioners, she gradually changed her views. Then she, too, decided to become a practitioner.

3. Ms. Gao Learns To Read After Resuming Falun Dafa

Ms. Gao, a fifty-six-year-old, became a practitioner in 1998. She was not a diligent person and was also illiterate. After July 1999, she stopped practicing, because she thought that the CCP was telling the truth about Dafa. She was a peddler selling vegetables inside the city, but the great amount of labor began to affect her. She developed lumbago, leg pain and bursitis in her shoulder. She could not continue to sell vegetables with these ailments, so she went to work in her sister's restaurant making dumplings, but experienced a big drop in income.

Fellow practitioners knew about her situation and provided video CD's for her to watch. By the end of 2003, she started to practice again. She borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun but she could not actually read it. She only recognized three characters--genuinely, people, and high--from the title, "Genuinely Guiding People Toward High Levels," on the first page. At first she asked her husband or her son to help her, but there were too many words to ask about. Finally, her husband gave her a dictionary so she could learn the words for herself.

Later, a fellow practitioner gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun. She was quite serious about learning the characters, but at her age, this was a difficult task. She began to recite short poems from Hong Yin and wrote notes to keep track of each character. Gradually, she was able to recite all the poems and understand the characters. With this background, she returned to reading Zhuan Falun and later extended this to other writings by Master. Now, she can write "Falun Dafa is good," "CCP will perish. Withdraw from the CCP for safety." etc. on the paper bills she spends. She expressed that she never dreamed of being able to read and write. The power of Master and Dafa is truly incredible!

After five years of study, she has a good grasp of the Fa. She is studying the Fa, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts daily. She is now close to sixty years old, but she is feeling healthy and does not take any medicine. She is as strong as a twenty-year-old. She can carry two buckets full of water for the peach trees, eleven times in one morning--something a young man might have difficulty with. She can also walk more than ten miles without feeling tired.

In the past she was allergic to the touch of a caterpillar on the peach tree. Her reaction was so strong that she could not sleep at night. Last year she had another encounter with a caterpillar, but she told herself that a practitioner could not be hurt. Indeed the allergic effect disappeared in five minutes.

She is a very focused individual in her practice. She gets up at 3:30 a.m. daily to participate in group exercises, then studies the Fa and prepares materials for clarifying the facts. After 7 p.m., she goes out to clarify the facts to people. She had a neighbor who did not like Dafa, and would tear up Dafa books. At first she was angry, but realized that her neighbor had been fooled by the CCP and was to be pitied. With this understanding, her dislike for the neighbor disappeared, and finally the neighbor was willing to say "Falun Dafa is good."