(Clearwisdom.net) The police illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lu Xueqin from the streets in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, on January 26, 2008. They took her to Liaoyuan Road Police Station and tortured her there for nine days. She lost consciousness several times. Ms. Lu sustained soft tissue injuries, dislocated bones, and severe, debilitating wounds in the lower back, legs, and feet. She also sustained kidney damage that stopped normal urine production and required a catheter. Then she developed whole-body edema to the extent that she could not even remove her clothes. Widespread bruises and numerous blood clots developed in her legs, abdomen, and chest. Ms. Lu eventually became paralyzed for lack of medical treatment.

Police officer Min Xing sadistically kicked Ms. Lu's lower abdomen for an extended period of time, which caused profuse vaginal hemorrhaging, a uterine tumor, and thrombosis. The tumor makes her appear three months pregnant. When she was finally hospitalized, the doctor declared that her condition had deteriorated past the optimal time for surgery.

Eight months after the arrest of Lu Xueqin, on September 26, 2008, 610 Office agent Lin Zhikun told her family to take her home. By this time she was paralyzed below the waist, could no longer speak coherently, and was emaciated.

During the past few months, Ms. Lu's family has petitioned different law-enforcement agencies and judiciary committees in order to seek justice, but has only met with bitter disappointment.

Lu Xueqin and her family


Officials from the Criminal Police Section at the Shibei District Police Department in Qingdao City arrested Lu Xueqin on January 26, 2008, and took her to Liaoyuan Road Police Station. Officials from the No. 2 and No. 3 Criminal Police Section; Li Gang, head of Liaoyuan Road Police Station; as well as other officials were responsible for the arrest. They subsequently ransacked her home and took Falun Gong books, a picture of Master Li Hongzhi, cell phones, MP3 players, recorders, recording devices, and more than 130,000 yuan in cash.

Officials at the Liaoyuan Road Police Station forced Ms. Lu to sit in a metal chair for nine days. She was forbidden to sleep and subjected to barbaric abuse. Officers Min Xing, Wang Jiangong (or Zhang Jiangong), and an officer from the No. 3 Criminal Police Section participated in the torture sessions.

Between day two and day four, Min Xing stomped on Ms. Lu's feet, dislocating the bones. He kicked her legs and abdomen, bruising her and causing a uterine hemorrhage that led to swelling and unconsciousness. He punched her in the head, eyes, and temples, and hit her head with his mobile phone. He grabbed her hair, pulled her up and pounded her against the floor. He yanked out clumps of her hair. To this day Ms. Lu suffers from scalp pain.

An officer from the No. 3 Criminal Police Section grabbed her by the chin and hauled her away, then he pummeled her chest, head, and abdomen. He tried to pour cold water on the unconscious Ms. Lu, but another officer stopped him. The first officer said to her, "We deal with death row inmates. If you don't give us the information we want [that is, names of other practitioners], you will not get out of here alive."

Authorities delayed medical treatment

Ms. Lu showed symptoms of severe thrombosis on February 6, 2008, and was taken to Haici Hospital for examination. The doctor asked the police for permission to contact her family, to inform them of her condition and her need for surgery, but the officers took Ms. Lu back to the police station before she was treated.

Officers Yi Zhijun, Zhang Hong, and a few others took her to the Qingdao City Hospital on February 7, 2008. The doctor again demanded that Ms. Lu's family be notified right away and said she should be hospitalized and monitored, so the blood clots did not dislodge and cause a pulmonary embolism. Ms. Lu asked to see her family. Officer Zhang Hong got her home phone number from her. He told her he would call her family but never did. The police told the doctor to write "patient refuses treatment" on her medical chart. Ms. Lu said, "I did not refuse treatment. I just want to see my family!" The doctor prescribed ten units of IV infusions for her and started the process, but the police stopped the infusion after she had received only five units.

Ms. Lu suffered a sudden bout of abdominal pain and continuous vaginal bleeding on February 17. The officials took her to the hospital affiliated with Qingdao University's Medical College. Officers Wang (Zhang) Jiangong and Ren from Liaoyuan Road Police Station knew she should be kept as immobile as possible to prevent the clot from dislodging, but they dumped her in the trunk of their police car and drove to the hospital where they kept moving her around. The doctor tried to stop them and told them to put her in a wheelchair. She was diagnosed with an acute uterine tumor, but the police took her back to the station without treatment. The doctor warned of terrible consequences from further treatment delay and demanded to immediately operate on Ms. Lu, but officer Ren answered, "Our superior told us to bring her here for an exam, not for treatment. Now we'll take her back."

Paralysis and continued abuse in a brainwashing center

The officials transferred Ms. Lu to the Mingxia Road Brainwashing Center in Qingdao City on February 22, 2008. She was no longer able to take care of herself and had difficulty breathing, blurred vision, severe pain in her lower back and internal organs, and unrelenting vaginal hemorrhaging. The authorities continued to torture Ms. Lu despite her condition.

They assigned many people to relentlessly "interrogate" her in bed. Officials verbally assaulted her, not allowing her to turn over, not allowing her to clean herself, and suffocating her. The number of assailants varied between four and twelve. Officer Lin Zhikun threatened Ms. Lu, saying, "You are a political prisoner [prisoner of conscience], so you have no rights whatsoever. The government must 'take care' of you, so you must die!"

The following individuals, among others, personally participated in the torture:

610 Office agents Lin Zhikun, Sun Guimei, Jiang Chunbin, and Ma Yanli, officer Wang Yongjie from the Hefei Road Police Station; and Li from the Jiaozhou Road Police Station.

They dragged Ms. Lu to different hospitals for examinations between February and June but never allowed any doctor to administer the prescribed medical treatment. They only took her to the hospital to show that they "took humane actions" on her behalf, in order to shirk any future responsibilities. They also forced doctors to alter the medical documents to conceal their mistreatment of Ms. Lu.

While Ms. Lu was held in the brainwashing center in March she trembled and suffered heart palpitations as well as labored breathing and general malaise and drifted in and out of consciousness. She had to rely on stimulants to move her bladder and bowels.

Yu Yingjie from the Hefei Road Police Station, Li from Jiaozhou Road Police Station, and 610 Office agent Sun Guimei dragged Ms. Lu out of bed and forced her to walk, although they knew she could not walk on her own. She lost consciousness after taking a few steps. They also encouraged other agents to drag her out of her bed and "walk" her. At the same time they told her family she had recovered. 610 Office agent Lin Zhikun told the other agents, "Don't wash her or change her clothes. If you do it, you must report to me first and get approval."

Lu Xueqin was taken to Shanda Hospital in Qingdao City in late March 2008 because of heavy bleeding and severe lower back pain. The doctor asked permission for emergency surgery, but the police took her back to the brainwashing center.

Ms. Lu was again taken to Shanda Hospital on April 25, 2008. This time her family was there. She could no longer move or speak. The police separated her from her family to "ensure the best treatment outcome," but they actually drove off with her from the back door of the hospital. Her family knew she was in critical condition and petitioned the regime officials on a daily basis, but the police and other officials gave the whole affair the run-around.

Officer Min Xing viciously attacked Ms. Lu's lower abdomen on May 14 and caused a uterine hemorrhage. She subsequently developed severe anemia, lost consciousness, and was taken to Shanda Hospital once again. The doctor asked to give her a blood transfusion. At first the police told her family to buy nutritional supplements, but when her family delivered them to the hospital, 610 Office agents kept them and never gave them to Ms. Lu.

Ms. Lu was taken to Haici Hospital in June for an exam. The doctor said surgery might be too risky, given her frail condition, and suggested hospitalization so measures could be taken to stop the bleeding. Police officers Yi Zhijun and Zhang Hong said they had to report to their superiors and took her back. Ms. Lu has been held in the brainwashing center ever since.

Notified of her court date while she was in critical condition

The Mingxia Road Brainwashing Center was moved to a location on Shaoxing Road on July 16.

Those in charge at the brainwashing center: Lin Zhikun, Sun Guimei, Jiang Chunbin, Ma Yanli, and Cui Long, among others. Falun Gong practitioners from Pingdu and Laixi areas are also held in this center. Lin Zhikun locked Ms. Lu in solitary confinement to prevent others from seeing her condition. He shut the door and windows and told the other agents, "This is not a hotel, so we can't make her too comfortable. We should give her a taste of suffocation."

Judge Wang Ge and court clerk Zhang from Shibei Court visited the brainwashing center around September 22 and issued Ms. Lu an "indictment" based on fabricated charges.

610 Office agent Lin Zhikun told Ms. Lu's family to take her home on September 26, 2008. By this time she was paralyzed below the waist, sometimes unconscious, emaciated, and too weak to speak. She weighed only 36 kg [79 lbs], a drastic drop from a healthy 55 kg [121 lbs] before her arrest.

Her family took her to several hospitals. Ms. Lu was diagnosed with large blood clots in her chest and legs. There was no signal of blood circulation in her common femoral vein (CFV), deep femoral vein (DFV), or popliteal vein (PPV), and blood clots had formed in her left femoral vein. The large adenomatoid tumor in her uterus has developed past the suitable time for surgery. The doctor told her family, "This would be a major procedure carried out under general anesthesia. She is extremely weak, with unstable blood pressure. It is very likely she would not wake up after surgery, and even if she did, she would suffer serious consequences. If the blood clots break loose during surgery, they could potentially kill her. Right now we can only take a conservative approach, such as treating her with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture."

Agents from the 610 Office instructed the court to commence a two-day trial beginning October 22, 2008, and they tried to force Ms. Lu to attend trial. The trial was eventually canceled.

Persons and agencies responsible for the abuse of Ms. Lu:

Liaoyuan Road Police Station: Min Xing, Li Gang, Wang Danlong, Xin Keke, Lan Xiaodong, Wang Xuxiang, Yi Zhijun, Zhang Hong, Li Yan, Wang (Zhang) Jiangong, Ren
Hefei Road Police Station: Xiao, police chief, and Yu Yongjie
Ningxia Road Police Station: Liu Jie, Wang Bo
Yinchuan Road Police Station: Wei Zhicheng
Shibei Police Department: Chief Chen, section head Xiao Hong and clerk Li Zhijian
The Shibei Procuratorate: judge Wang Ge
Official Yan Ming

The Mingxia Road Brainwashing Center in Qingdao City: Director Lin Zhikun, Co-director Hong Junjiang, Sun Guimei, Jiang Chunbin, Cui Long, Ma Yanli, Wu Zhenyu, and Wang Huan, 86-532-85656108