(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performed two shows on January 10, 2009, at the Boston Opera House in Boston, Massachusetts. The audience was unquestionably touched by the overwhelmingly magnificence of this world-class performance.

"This Show ... Is Very Good!"

The president of the Camden Musical Association, and also the New England Women's Association, told a reporter that she loved the costumes and thought the dancers' movements were both elegant and graceful. "This show, this performance is very good. Especially the people, all the dancers and their movements. Also, I love the performances and the clothes, which are the most beautiful. And all the girls are very pretty. The whole thing is wonderful. I enjoy coming to see the show every time you have a performance, I always come."

"I Drove All the Way from Connecticut to See This!"

Michael Dury told us that he drove a long way to see the show. "Yes, I drove all the way from Connecticut to see this! I found about it from a brochure I received."

During intermission, a reporter asked him if he was enjoying the show, to which he replied, "Very much! Very much! The variety is very nice. And the idea of having the gentleman and the lady come out and explain the traditions and what we are about the see, is very good."

Mr. Dury said that the performances that he liked best were "the spring flowers so far, then the drums."

His companion, Gail, also from Connecticut, enjoyed the show too. "It's great, I love it! It's wonderful. I love the costumes and the dance, and the music. Just beautiful!"

"This Is a Very Different Show"

A Korean woman and her husband, both U.S. citizens, attended the Saturday show. When they lived in Korea, they owned a media agency that made commercials and movies.

This past summer they saw the DPA while back in Korea and said it was "fascinating." "I wanted to see it [a second time] in Korea but we were on vacation and we didn't have time. But then I went to the Burlington Mall and saw an advertisement and they were selling tickets, so we bought tickets a couple of months ago and today we are here."

Asked if she enjoyed the show, she replied, "Oh, very much! Because I'm a Korean, too, and Chinese and Koreans are similar. I really enjoyed it."

When she compared the DPA show to other performances she'd seen in Korea and elsewhere, she thought the DPA was definitely different. "Yes, because these [DPA shows] are modern. The background, and all this, we don't have that. So, it's very unique. We are very much enjoying the show. My son is in Seattle, Washington so we go every year to see different programs in Seattle. But this is a very different show and we are really enjoying it."

Her husband summed it all up in a few words, "Very good! Very, very good!"

"It's Been Very, Very Enjoyable!"

Dona Vincent owns a tooling and engineering manufacturing company with her husband in Cranston, Rhode Island.

"I like the show. It's been very, very enjoyable! And the costumes and the dance are just really flowing and really, really energetic. It's very nice."

When asked if there was anything that she especially liked about the show, she replied, "Just that it so uniquely different from American culture. It's so nice to share that experience."

Mrs. Vincent said her sister, Marcia Hood, who also attended the show, bought her a ticket for her birthday.

Ms. Hood lives and works in Houston, Massachusetts, where she is a full-time physical therapist. "I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was in college, my parents asked me what I wanted for a graduation present and I said I wanted to go to the Orient. It's always been a passion of mine--that part of the world--it's always been intriguing. This is my first time seeing the show and I have thoroughly enjoyed it."

She continued, "It was advertised in the papers, so I said, 'Oh, it would be fun to see, a little different,' and it is!"

Ms. Hood said she particularly liked the performance, "because it's in my line of work, working with energy and the mind-body and emotional connection."