(Clearwisdom.net) We are busy every day and we have so many things to do: studying the Fa, doing the exercises, clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thoughts, as well as doing our daily jobs and taking care of our families. Our time is tight. But even though we know that the time is tight, we still waste a lot of time on some unnecessary things. Some of us have the feeling of urgency, but if we knew that tomorrow would be the beginning of the "Fa Rectifying the Human World" and tomorrow would be the time of people getting weeded out, what would we do today? I believe all true Dafa practitioners would say: Save people! Save people every second!

I'm the type of person who has strong inertia. I have been doing the three things every day, but I was very limited. Usually, I did the three things in my spare time, after taking care of all the ordinary, day-to-day things. In order to wake me up, Teacher showed me what I can understand at my level - shocking scenes of people getting weeded out. Facing such scenes, I felt deeply ashamed. I wanted to cry. But I felt fortunate that the real act has not begun and we still have time to save people.

We know that one's future depends on one's attitude toward Dafa. Many dimensions are like puzzles and many beings do not know the truth. Beings there are waiting, looking, and some are even against us, very similar to what's happening in the human world. Although our dimension looks normal at the moment, in other dimensions rounds of weeding out have already started. Gods are controlling it. The following is what I saw:

It was in a dimension that's very similar to this earth, including how people treated Dafa. One day, their science predicted that a huge disaster was coming and many people would die. They were in chaos. Facing this situation, everyone had different reactions. Some tried to get more money. Some were praying. Some were saying goodbye to their loved ones. Most people planned to run to a safer land. I was curious what would happen. I was worried about them. I did not want any of them to get hurt. The government kept broadcasting and telling people not to panic and they could hide in basements or strong buildings. Some people gave up escaping and started to sing goodbye songs. No one expected that it would come so suddenly.

Then the disaster came and at that moment we could see how weak people actually were. There was no use for any struggles. No matter where they were hiding, a flood came from heaven and swallowed everything instantly. Huge fires followed with explosions. The explosions went wherever people were. People were screaming in terror. Mangled, dead bodies were everywhere. Next, the ground split open. Monsters were attacking people. People who survived the flood faced bigger and bigger disasters, which came clearly for the purpose of weeding people out. They were looking for anyone alive. I was standing there, but nothing hurt me and the flood avoided me. Several minutes later, it became quiet.

I looked around and noticed burnt land everywhere and mangled, dead bodies. Suddenly, I noticed some people in a far distance who were still alive. Terribly shocked, they were hugging together and trembling. They couldn't believe they were still alive. After a while, one of them shouted: "Falun Dafa is good!" and all of them started to cry. They said quietly to themselves: "What they told us is true! All of those things are true!" I realized that these survivors were those who understood the truth. Even though they knew the truth, it was still hard for them to really believe until it really happened. They cried for the dead, and meanwhile they felt lucky they were saved. They were so grateful to Dafa, and to whoever told them to recite "Falun Dafa is good."

Next, the earth started to change. The rubble and dead bodies disappeared quickly, and green grass appeared. The world was changing rapidly. The sky became blue. The shocked crowd now knew it was Dafa that had saved them and created a new world for them. They started to cheer - for they were entering a new world, and for the Dafa practitioners who saved them! But I felt very sad. Facing the new world, I only wanted to cry because there were so few people left, really too little. I felt ashamed to look at them. I was ashamed that I did not save more people. The scene became blurry, but my shock remained. It seemed that this was a picture of my world. When I saw people die, I felt very pained. I deeply regretted that I did not clarify the facts to more people before.

Soon, I entered another world where the weeding out of people was about to happen. Similar to the previous scene, people here also knew that a big disaster was coming. They were also repeating the same mistakes as the people in the world I saw before and they thought they could prevent the disaster and save themselves. They were busy preparing, obeying the orders from officers who held microphones in the streets. I suddenly developed courage. In the first world I did not have time to do anything when it happened, but this time, in this world I still had time, even if it might be limited. I decided that I would try to save whoever I could and I ran toward the microphone, but those people tried to stop me. They thought that I wanted to interrupt the officer's speech. I ignored it and broke through all the obstructions and finally reached the microphone. I wanted to tell everyone that they would be saved if they said, "Falun Dafa is good" when the disaster happens. But the officer came and grabbed the microphone from me, and he called security guards to take me away. The crowd was blaming me for wasting their precious time. I shouted angrily to the officer: "What you are doing will cause everyone to die with you. They will hate you forever..." But he refused to give me the microphone. I let go of the security guards and yelled to the crowd: "The disaster is coming! If you don't want to die, remember to shout 'Falun Dafa is good!'" I shouted to the crowd again and again. I heard the officer with the microphone telling people: "Do not listen to that crazy person. Let's continue to prevent this disaster..." People looked at me with various reactions: confused, sympathetic, and angry. I had no time to care about that, since I already saw the red clouds on the edge of the sky and it was the premonition of the disaster. I was more anxious and I ran into the crowd, shouting to them that they should recite "Falun Dafa is good." But my voice was too weak and no one paid attention to me. I ran to wherever there were more people and shouted and shouted, but the loud noises around covered my voice. I regretted so much that I did not tell them earlier. How many people could I save now? The disaster happened, the same flood, like a Tsunami. People underestimated the disaster and thought it was a normal natural disaster. Everything was destroyed after the flood.

Next, I saw another shocking scene. Gods arrived and in this dimension it was Gods who came to weed out people out directly. They stood on top of the water and ordered the flood to go the places where people were gathered. People had no chance to escape. The flood went away after most lives were gone.

Survivors watched this in shock. Before they had time to feel lucky that they survived, the second round of weeding out arrived. Countless winged beasts came down from the heavens. I saw them and knew what was going to happen. I yelled to the crowd: "Run!" But it was too late. The beasts looked for people and shot fire onto them. The world was covered with fire. I could only hear screams and I knelt down and started to cry. Next, Gods arrived and used electric flashes. They shot bright blue electric flashes and many people who had survived the fire were killed by the electricity. Badly burnt bodies were everywhere and I could not tell which ones were killed by the fire and which by the electricity.

At that moment I saw an unforgettable scene: One person, in order to escape the fire, tried to climb over an iron fence. When he was on the top of the fence, a flash of electricity shot toward him. I yelled: "No!" Seeing him twisting painfully in the flashing lights, I shouted to him with the last hope: "Quick, shout Falun Dafa is good!" I then heard some sounds that came from him intermittently: "Fa... Lun... Da... Fa... Hao." A surprising scene happened: the fire on his body extinguished instantly. His clothes were all burned and he maintained the struggling posture. He then realized that he was alive and cried loudly, and he was shouting while weeping: "Falun Dafa is good!"

Many people saw what had happened. Suddenly, all of them cried: "Falun Dafa is good!" The shouting was spreading and the fire and the flashes stopped. A huge screen was lowered from the sky and replayed what had just happened. The people who were fortunate to survive gathered in front of the screen and watched how people were weeded out or saved by Dafa. At the end, all of them knelt down and said from their hearts: "Falun Dafa is good!" Things stared to change and a new world began.

There were many similar scenes, which I cannot recall one by one. What I really remembered was the sadness I felt at watching people being weeded out and my deep regret for not clarifying the truth and saving them earlier. Fa-rectification has not ended yet and we still have time to save people. We are the only hope for the people. Before the weeding out starts, we ought to hurry and use every minute and every second to save people. Do not leave any regrets for the future.

January 2, 2009