(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, many practitioners are illegally detained at Xifeng District Detention Center in Qingyang City, Gansu Province. The practitioners are: Shi Xiqin, Li Feng, He Xuanjing, Qi Huirong, as well as many others. In order to force practitioner Ms. Li Feng to "transform," the Communist regime personnel have used a variety of cruel torture methods, including: keeping her hands handcuffed behind her back, physical assault, parading her on the streets for public humiliation for the whole day, not allowing her to sleep, and other means of persecution. Li Feng was tortured until her entire body was covered with wounds.

Ms. Li Feng was arrested at her residence on the morning of April 3, 2008 by officers of the Criminal Police Division of Xifeng District Police Department in Qingyang City and the National Security Division, along with a dozen policemen from Beijie Police Station. Her sister and neighbor Qi Huirong went to Beijie Police Station on April 21, 2008 to demand Li Feng's release. Instead, they were pushed and shoved and verbally abused by four or five policemen at the Beijie Police Station. Li Feng's sister (in her sixties) was even pushed down to the floor and left lying there for more than two hours, with her face injured and bleeding. On April 22, when they went once again to demand Li Feng's release, Qi Huirong was physically assaulted by the police chief and four policemen. She was beaten up very badly. On the eve of the Olympics, Qi Huirong was arrested at her home. She is currently being illegally incarcerated at the Xifeng District Detention Center.

Ms. Shi Xiqin, sixty-four years old, lives in Xiaoqin Town of Xifeng District. She was arrested at her home on June 24, 2008 by policemen from the Xifeng District Police Department and Xiaojin Police Station. They forcefully ransacked her house without a search warrant. They took away many Falun Gong books and materials and also four thousand yuan.

Ms. Lei Ningning, in her twenties, was forcefully arrested on July 13 or 14, 2008 by policemen from the Xifeng Police Station in Qingyang City. She was then incarcerated in the Xifeng District Detention Center.

Xifeng District Detention Center: 86-934-8215502, 86-934-8219602
National Security Division: 86-934-8222236, 86-934-8222356
Address of the Xifeng Police Station in Qingyang City: No. 111 Jiulongnan Road in Xifeng District, Postal Code 745000
Police Chief Yang Heping: 86-934-8225583
Deputy Police Chief Jin Jianyuan: 86-934-8215508
Criminal Police Division: 86-934-8682930 or 86-934-8683560
Beijie Police Station Heads Zhu Yongxiao and Zhang Hui: 86-934-8213089

September 14, 2008