(Clearwisdom.net) At 8:00 p.m. on September 24, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts held its first of seven performances of the Mid-Autumn Spectacular in the John Bassett Theatre in Metro Toronto Convention Centre, in Toronto, Canada.


"My Tinnitus is gone"

Ms. Fei, who came to Toronto nine months ago from Beijing, told the reporter with tears in her eyes, "I feel great today. My ears have had tinnitus for four years. When the first program was performed, I suddenly felt a drum sound in my ears. Later my ears became very comfortable and my tinnitus is now gone! I am very moved. I liked each program. The drum play was exciting. I don't have words to describe it. I should see more. My son and daughter-in-law gave me the best gift today by giving me the ticket. I have gained a lot."

Ms. Zheng from Guilin, China saw the show for the first time. She said, "In China I have never seen such a wonderful performance. I have been in Canada for two years and never thought that in this part of the world there would be such great performances of Chinese traditional culture. I especially liked the fairy dancing piece. It was so beautiful with nice backdrop scenes and music. I'll tell my daughter and son-in-law to see the show. It would a pity if they didn't see it."

"I am fortunate to have such a great gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival"

Mr. Fang and his wife from Chicago. Mr. Fang is director of the Art Troupe of Chicago Anliang Industrial and Commerce Association

Mr. Fang, director of Art Troupe of Chicago Anliang Industrial and Commerce Association, and his wife came to Toronto for a tour. They stayed in the same hotel as the Divine Performing Arts. Mr. Fang said, "After learning that they had a performance tonight, we came to watch. I am also working on music. The coordination of song and dance with music is very professional. The orchestra has a perfect combination of eastern and western musical instruments. There are Chinese drums and western musical instruments. The dancing and music match very accurately and the director is outstanding. I enjoyed the dancing and music."

He continued, "I am fortunate to have such a great gift for Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a predestined coincidence to come to see the performance."

"I'll come to see the show next year"

Ms. Jenny Lin and her husband from Guangzhou, China

Ms. Jenny Lin and her husband from Guangzhou, China came to see the show. Jenny said, "I have previously learned dancing. I didn't imagine that there were such professional dancers performing Chinese dance outside of China. I am very happy after seeing the show."

She continued, "The singers are first class, especially tenor Hong Ming. It is different from watching other shows. I have a feeling of being out of the secular world and refreshed. I'll recommend it to my friends. A group of my friends saw the show today and all are happy. I'll watch the show again next year."

The Mid-Autumn Spectacular show will present six more performances in the theater.