(Clearwisdom.net) Around 12 p.m. on August 24, 2008, Huaiyang County Mr. Yang Jingxian received a call on his cellphone. A stranger said, "I am a friend of Wang (given name unknown). He asked me to pass a message on to you. Let's meet at the Chenzhou Mall's north entrance." The person surnamed Wang is a Falun Gong practitioner in Huaiyang County. He was arrested on July 30, 2008 and the police confiscated his cellphone. He was able to escape, and he did not return home so as to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Yang Jingxian's wife was worried about a stranger wanting to see her husband, so she decided to go with Mr. Yang. They both rode bicycles to the Mall. When they reached the northern entrance of the Mall, plain-clothes policemen were waiting in the square to the east of the Lubei Workers' Culture Palace. Mr. Yang's wife noticed the threat, but there was no way out. They saw a red car with a driver, then two men grabbed Mr. Yang, and dragged him to the car. Mr. Yang is 70 years old and a very thin man. Mr. Yang told them, "You don't have to grab me, I won't run." Mr. Yang's wife said, "You said you have a message for him. You can tell him right here. Where are you taking him?" They ignored her, and continued to drag Mr. Yang to the car, saying, "We just want to take him somewhere and ask him a few questions, then we'll let him go." With Mr. Yang in the car, they drove off.

Mr. Yang's wife is also very small and thin. She walked wobbly with a bicycle in each hand. She saw an acquaintance and left one of the bicycles. She discovered that a white car was following her, so she rode her bicycle through small streets, and finally lost the white car. She returned to her son's home, but not long after, the police showed up with Mr. Yang. The police ransacked their home. When they didn't find what they were looking for, they became frustrated and took away several children's singing videos.

On August 25, 2008, another practitioner received a similar call. That practitioner noticed the tone of voice was strange and decisively hung up. It was reported that five practitioners were arrested this time. The situations of the others are unclear.

September 6, 2008