(Clearwisdom.net) At around 3 p.m. on July 17, 2008, while Chen Baiquan was on the No. 3 bus on his way home from work at the Agricultural Center in Shuangliao City in Jilin Province, a group of men suddenly blocked the road and forced the bus to stop. They ran onto the bus and began to beat Chen brutally and took him away by force. A child passenger on the same bus was very startled and began to cry. Chen was viciously beaten and bled all over his body. One of the men kicked Chen in the lower abdomen with all his force.

A middle school student who was on the bus recalled later, "I've only seen such terrifying scenes in the movies or in computer games. Seeing something like this today is simply horrifying. I used to hear that Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured and badly beaten up by the police, and I had thought they were simply rumors. But I can't run from what I saw today. I believe it now. Everything they teach in those Politics textbooks is made-up. The CCP can do anything. I'd rather believe Falun Gong than trust the CCP. I will always support Falun Gong!" Another policeman with a conscience revealed later that, "Those policemen are simply outrageous. They're bullying Falun Gong practitioners because they know that practitioners do not fight back when they are attacked and do not retaliate when they are verbally abused."

Sources have confirmed that this group of policemen is from the National Protection Team and the Economic Development District Police Station (formerly the Liaodong Police Station) of Shuangliao City, and included Chief Yang Yanjie and Deputy Chief Wang Shi of the Economic Development District Police Station.

After taking Chen away, the officers did not notify Chen's family. His family was very worried and rushed everywhere to ask for his whereabouts, in vain. Several times, they inquired at the Economic Development District Police Station and the National Protection Team of Shuangliao, but were told that he had not been arrested. "There is no such person here," they replied. They only knew of his whereabouts after Chen called them the next day from the police station.

Leading up to this incident, the Chen family's electric tricycle was stolen in the night and Chen immediately reported it to the Economic Development District Police Station. A few days later at around 9 p.m. on July 8, members of the Economic Development District Police Station and the National Protection Team of Shuangliao City tried to break into his house by smashing a window, but were confronted with the Chen family's righteousness, "We reported a crime to you, yet you come breaking into our house instead of trying to find the culprit?" Even then, the police stayed at Chen's house for more than two hours.

Chen is still illegally imprisoned at the Shuangliao Detention Center. CCP henchmen are planning to illegally sentence Chen to a year of imprisonment at the Siping forced labor camp. Under Chen's family members' urgent request, the police took Chen to a hospital in Gongzhuling for a medical examination and realized that Chen's health is far below the requirements for forced labor camp admission. However, they did not give up, and required the Shuangliao County Hospital to give him another examination on July 18.

Sources have revealed that the Shuangliao Party officials have secretly organized a brainwashing session to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The brainwashing session is euphemistically called a "Rule of Law Education Class." Several practitioners have been secretly arrested or taken into custody through deception and taken to the brainwashing center.

Police Department:

Deputy Chief of Detention Center and Police Station, Shao Hui: 86-434-7299966, 86-13804472001 (Cell)
Deputy Chief of Police Station, 610 Office Chief, Cui Yusheng: 86-434-7287711 ext. 6309, 86-434-7288203, 86-13904352539
National Protection Team, Big Team Leader Yan Shouming: 86-13844472370