(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share a story of how fellow practitioners helped me when I was arrested.

I was arrested in 2002. Local practitioners acquired phone numbers and email addresses of the employees in my company, and practitioners outside China began calling them. Local practitioners also distributed many materials about the persecution I faced, and clarified the truth throughout my company's residential area. There were several thousand people in my company, and since this was a case about someone within the company, many people were interested and paid attention. The effect was great.

I was released in 2004. When I returned to my company, I could feel the effect of the truth-clarification. The staff in the 610 Office were afraid to see that my case was published on the Internet and that there were so many phone calls from overseas. As the evil factors were eliminated, my environment became much better. Even the "610 Office" staff did not dare to talk to me about Falun Dafa.

I want to express my great gratitude to the practitioners outside China who kept calling on my behalf. I felt that this was a very successful case and wanted to write about it long time ago, but I was blocked by my own attachment of these acts performed by others, not by me. This is a good example of practitioners validating the Fa as one body. Because I did not do well, I was not allowed to leave the detention center sooner.

Some practitioners have this thought: "Once a case is published on the Internet, the persecution becomes more severe." The Chinese government often tries to utilize this concept to influence practitioners and their families, but this is actually a human notion. The evildoers are afraid of being exposed. More importantly, the severity is not determined by how it appears on the surface. It's determined by how much evil has been eliminated in other dimensions, and the level of our "xinxing". Exposing the evil will help to eliminate the evil, clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Therefore, it is the right thing to do. If we have fear, we should identify and eliminate it, based on the Fa.

"If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist." (Essentials for Further Advancement II, "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)")

I would like to share another story of how overseas phone calls helped another practitioner. That practitioner left home and went into hiding to avoid arrest. Despite this, she was arrested and taken to a brainwashing center. Practitioners exposed her case on the Internet, while those outside China placed many phone calls. Some of the "610 Office" staff said that there were so many calls, that they could barely answer all of them. The local Procurator came to investigate the people who participated in the persecution of practitioners, based on the truth-clarification materials. Those who participated in the persecution were quite afraid, and tried to transfer the responsibility to others. When the practitioner was released from the brainwashing center, they told her that they had nothing to do with her arrest.

I would like to show my appreciation to all the practitioners outside of China again. The main body of practitioners is in China. We, the practitioners from China, need to do better, "focus on how you study and cultivate" (Hong Yin, "Solid Cultivation") and save more sentient beings, so that we can follow Teacher and return home sooner.