(Clearwisdom.net) After suffering many years of persecution, Mr. Cai Pengshun, a 74-year-old practitioner from Menghai County, passed away in his home on March 5, 2008.

Mr. Cai Pengshun, the former Chief Editor and Director of the Office of History of Menghai County, used to be seriously ill before he practiced Falun Gong. He took medicine every day and was informed by the hospital, on several occasions, that his health was not good and he needed to take good care of himself. After he started practicing Falun Gong in 1998, his health dramatically improved.

Everyone in Mr. Cai's immediate family practices Falun Gong. Among them are his wife Zhu Cai'e, a retired food service worker; his daughter Cai Qingru, an accountant; and his son-in-law Feng Yongzhe, a former staff member of the Office of History at Menghai County.

Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, they were continually harassed by the 610 Office, government officials Yang Guangcai and She Wenyong, and Yuan Chun, Chief of the Domestic Security Division in Menghai County. Undaunted, the Cai family continued to practice Falun Gong. They were also threatened and intimidated by Zeng Yongpin, the political director of the Domestic Security Division, and police officer Mr. Tao from the Xiangshan district Police Station.

On February 12, 2006, under the direction of Cao Mengliang, the Menghai County Party Secretary, and Feng Xiaodong, head of the Menghai Police Department, three groups of police officers were dispatched to harass Mr. Cai Pengshun and his family. The team leader was Political Director Zeng Yongpin, who was assisted by police officers from the Xiangshan District Police Station. They ransacked Mr. Cai Pengshun's home and took all the Dafa books, a picture of Master Li Hongzhi, truth-clarification materials, and two MP3 players. A few days later, Yuan Chun and others used intimidation and coercion to put pressure on Mr. Cai and his wife while he was ill in bed, which made his condition worsen.

Meanwhile, Yuan Chun and others illegally arrested Mr. Cai's son-in-law and kept him in the Menghai Detention Center.

The third batch of police headed by Li Yun, the deputy chief of the Domestic Security Division, went to Feng Yongzhe's home. They climbed up the balcony, pried open the security gate and entered the house. They took away all the Dafa books, Master Li Hongzhi's picture, truth-clarification materials, a computer, a printer, a scanner and two MP3 players. They also arrested Cai Qingru and put her in the Menghai Detention Center, where she stayed until the end of February 2006.

In March 2006, Feng Yongzhe was arrested by police officers and taken to the labor camp in Lufeng County. He was released in January 2008. Zhang Xing, the secretary of Menghai County, Wu Jianglin, the county commissioner, Dao Wen, deputy county secretary, Yue Dianyong, political and judiciary county secretary, and Yang Guangcai, head of the 610 Office directed the Menghai Human Resource and Social Protection Agency to fire Feng Yongzhe from his job.

Mr. Cai's wife Zhu Cai'e was illegally imprisoned in a labor camp for two years. When she was to be released in February 2008, Yang Guangcai, Yue Dianyong, Cao Mengliang and others prevented her from re-joining her relatives overseas, even though she was over seventy years old.

Perpetrators:Head of Menghai County 610 Office, Yang Guangcai, 86-691-5129499(Office), 86-691-5120373(Home), 86-13988112968(Cell)

Political Director of the Domestic Security Division in Menghai County, Zeng Yongpin, 86-691-5173567, 86-691-5173514(Office)

Head of the Menghai Domestic Security Division, Li Yun, 86-691-5173567 5173514(Office)

Head of the Mengla Domestic Security Division, Hu Qiaobing, 86-691-6655722