(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of June 20, 2008, the Hefei City, Anhui Province local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dispatched a large number of police officers to illegally arrest nearly ten Dafa practitioners.

The practitioners arrested include: Ms. Huang Yuping (who lives on Taihu Road), Ms. Ji Shufen (who originally lived at Kexue Island, but is now homeless), Ms. Wang Xiuying (who originally lived at the Color Television Center housing, who is also now homeless), Ms. Qiu Xiufen (who lives at the Hefei Industrial University housing), Ms. Luo Shanshan (who lives at the Hefei Industrial University housing), and Sun (currently homeless).

In addition, two practitioners who ran printing businesses, as well as another practitioner living at the Hefei Industrial University housing, were also arrested (all three names unknown).

Hefei police recently received orders from CCP officials to arrest Dafa practitioners and were given arrest quotas. At the same time, throughout Hefei, the regional community residential committees started visiting each dwelling asking for personal information about the registered inhabitants there.

Some practitioners have been missing for nearly 2 weeks now, and it is still unknown whether they have been arrested. Furthermore, several practitioners have been forced into homelessness, unable to return to their residences.

Reliable sources have reported the names of some practitioners who were recently arrested in Hefei City. Among these practitioners are Ms. Zhu Weiying, Ms. Zhang Xiuhong, Ms. Ding Ziqing, Mr. Li Song, Ms. Hu Shiying, Ms. Zhao Meiling, Ms. Pei Ling, and Ms. Zhu Ruiying. Ms. Zhu Ruiying's son is mentally handicapped and in very poor health, requiring around-the-clock assistance. Her husband is not able to help out at home, as he works in a remote city. Because of her illegal arrest, her family is facing very difficult times.

When Ms. Qiu Xiufen was arrested, the police repeatedly beat her on the head, causing fractures in her skull, and then forcibly took her away. Ms. Huang Yuping was arrested by officers from the Wuhu Road Police Station.

One practitioner's family members stood up to oppose the arrest. As a result, this practitioner was not taken away, but was closely monitored from morning till night.

Reliable sources report that there is a four-story building in the Baishuiba Community, where many practitioners are thought to be imprisoned. The building's windows are all covered with thick steel bars.