(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Chinese Communist Party personnel with the Xuhong District Court in Shanghai met with the wife of practitioner Mr. Liu Peng. They met Ms. Zhang Xumei at her place of employment in an attempt to coerce her to sign an indictment. The indictment charged three defendants, Mr. Liu Peng, Ms. Zhen Yan, and Ms. Zhang Xumei.

Ms. Zhang refused to sign the false confession that had been extorted from her while she was deceived and being threatened after she was arrested. After her confession, she had been released on bail to await further court orders.

One of the staff members from the CCP's Procuratorate Court, surnamed Xu, and officials from the Domestic Security Division of the Public Security Bureau surnamed Ma and Wang tried to force Ms. Zhang to comply with their orders, threatening her that her current situation as "released on bail" could be easily revoked.

In fact, approximately ten days before, Ms. Zhang, assisted by lawyers Li Boguang and Guo Yong, went to the Xuhui District Procuratorate Court to ask for permission to see Mr. Liu Peng. They were seeking to complete procedures for the hiring of a legal counsel for Mr. Liu. The staff of the court threatened them saying, "We have ways to deal with you!" and pointed at Ms. Zhang. They also interrogated her.

Over the past nine years, the CCP personnel from the 610 Office, the police, the procuratorate, and the court systems in the Xuhui District have aggressively persecuted practitioners, detaining and torturing many of them.

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June 21, 2008