(Clearwisdom.net) Police from the Shashi District 610 Office in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province along with personnel from the Domestic Security Division of the Shashi District Police Department arrested five Falun Gong practitioners on July 5-6, 2008. The arrested practitioners include Ms. Deng Tianyu, Ms. Wu Cuilan, Mr. Feng Feng, Ms. Fan Min and Ms. Yang Rong. The details of the arrests are as follows:

At around 5:00 p.m. on July 5, practitioner Ms. Deng Tianyu, 57, who lives in the Shashi District in Jingzhou City, went to visit practitioner Mr. Feng Feng, 40, a university graduate, and the police followed her. The moment Deng Tianyu entered Mr. Feng Feng's home, a man and a woman followed. The homeowner asked, "Why have you come into my house?" The two individuals replied that they were from the police department, and a few more police officers entered immediately afterwards. They arrested Deng Tianyu. The five officers pushed Deng Tianyu to the floor and held her down. Mr. Feng Feng raised his voice at the police and reprimanded them for their violent actions, "You shouldn't treat ladies this way." The police ignored him and even said viciously, "Tie her up." They then handcuffed Deng Tianyu's hands behind her back and took her away.

During this period of time police officers kept coming in and also telephoned for more people to come. Eventually, more than twenty officers arrived, filling the living room. At this time practitioner Ms. Wu Cuilan (in her fifties) arrived at Mr. Feng Feng's house. The moment she entered, the police arrested her.

Thereafter, the police ransacked Mr. Feng Feng's home and took photographs of what they saw. They confiscated a computer, a printer, VCD burner, the book Zhuan Falun, truth clarifying materials and VCDs, the book Nine commentaries on the Communist Party and 200 yuan in cash bills that had truth clarifying words written on them. The police attempted to coerce Mr. Feng Feng into signing some documents, but Feng Feng didn't cooperate and sternly reminded them that they had not produced any search warrant for entering the house. He told them they were intruding on private property and committing illegal search and seizure. The five policemen forcibly took Mr. Feng Feng away.

Furthermore, on the evening of July 5, new practitioner Ms. Fan Min (in her thirties) was arrested. On July 6, practitioner Ms. Yang Rong (in her twenties) was also taken away.

Mr. Feng Feng was handcuffed and incarcerated at Section One of the Domestic Security Division at the Shashi District Police Department and was sent to a brainwashing center in Hubei Province five days later. Ms. Deng Tianyu, Ms. Wu Cuilan, Ms. Fan Min and Ms. Yang Rong were incarcerated at the No. 1 Detention Center in Shashi District.

July 12, 2008