(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Qiu Cuizhen is the Chairman of the Board of Huaxia Company, and former chief consultant to the Taiwan Administrative Cabinet. At a rally in Taiwan on June 3, Mr. Qiu commented on the recent attacks on Falun Gong practitioners in New York City instigated by CCP officials. He said, "In this world, only the Chinese Communist Party would do such things to slander Falun Gong." He urged the United States government to intervene and protect Falun Gong practitioners' rights.

Mr. Qiu Cuizhen speaks at a rally in Taiwan on June 3

With the support from local Chinese and police protection, the Quitting the CCP Service Center returned to its original site in front of the Flushing Library on June 3, 2008. Four additional Quitting the CCP Service Centers were also established in Flushing, bringing the total there to five.

Mr. Qiu continued, "They slander Falun Gong. Only they (CCP) dare to do so in the world. People with conscience should step up and fight back, and let them know that the people who love democracy despise such brutal dictatorships."

Based on his own experience practicing Falun Gong, Mr. Qiu confirmed that Falun Gong is beneficial to both mind and body. "I personally feel Falun Gong is very good for both body and mind. It improves the balance of both physical health and mental health. Even if it is a religion, why does the CCP persecute it?"

Qiu cited the recent earthquake in Sichuan province as an example of the CCP's lack of humanity. "During the critical first 72 hours after the quake, why didn't the CCP allow any rescue teams into the quake area? We heard it has many military secrets and nuclear bases there. Does this mean that human life is less important than that? The Chinese Communist government has no humanity."

Qiu continued, "The United States Government should intervene and support Falun Gong." He said that all people with conscience and humanity should speak out against the CCP attacks.