(Clearwisdom.net) A Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) report on June 20 said that Eutelsat was not able to broadcast NTDTV programs, calling it a "technical failure."At first, as a Dafa practitioner in Mainland China, I thought that for things like this all we need to do is to send righteous thoughts. The other things, like protesting and clarifying the truth, the overseas practitioners would take care of. I informed several practitioners in my vicinity to help send righteous thoughts and even thought I had done what a Dafa practitioner should be doing.

On June 21 I visited the Minghui website again and noticed the Eutelsat website URL included in the article. The website listed several contact phone numbers and email addresses and I thought, why not send them an email to at least express my opinion?

Immediately I drafted an email. Because I am not proficient in English, it would be too complicated for me to clarify the truth as a Dafa practitioner using a language that I am not fluent in, so I voiced my protest as an everyday person. As I wrote I realized that this was what a practitioner should do. The whole process went smoothly, even my ability to use some words usually unfamiliar to me. I finished my 100-word e-mail in about 10 minutes. I was thankful for Master's empowering me and kept telling myself that, as a Dafa practitioner, I should show my compassion. At the end of my e-mail I also sent my best wishes to all the Eutelsat employees, "God bless all righteous people, including you." I felt the email was appropriate and asked Master for strength while sending righteous thoughts to eliminate all factors that might interfere with the email being sent to the Paris sales department.

Right after I logged out of my mailbox I realized it was not enough. There were other email addresses on the website. Why did I just send my message to the sales department? It was based on my human "knowledge and experience." People in a sales department usually care the most about customers. I knew this was not the righteous way of thinking. Why didn't I clarify the truth to the other departments and agencies? I logged back on and sent the email to Eutelsat's other offices in different locations.

Sharing my experience with fellow practitioners today made me discover an omission--I did not send an e-mail to Eutelsat's Beijing subsidiary. I had thought it likely that the Beijing subsidiary employees were Chinese or that their minds were deeply poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I thought that communicating with them might produce negative results, but suddenly I realized there was a basic flaw in my thinking--I did not believe in Dafa and Master enough and did not truly believe that as long as we do what we should do, Master will solve our dilemmas. As Master said, "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun) I viewed this incident with human notions. At the same time, my goal in doing this was to solve a problem and not to clarify the truth and offer sentient beings salvation. Those people whose minds are deeply poisoned need us to clarify the truth to them the most. The first thing for me to do tomorrow is to send an e-mail backed up with strong righteous thoughts to the Beijing office.

This experience made me truly realize that Dafa practitioners are one body. Whenever there is interference from evil factors we should always look inward first. We should also examine ourselves and see what we have done to save people. Our focus should always be on saving people. Everything practitioners do contains elements Master places in our way to help us raise our xinxing. If we do well, the bad things will become good things.

I suggest that all Mainland China practitioners let go of the habit of waiting for and relying on others. Practitioners who are good in English should send emails (or call) different Eutelsat subsidiary offices. We should also be prudent and pay attention to security matters. Mainland practitioners should try to use anti-web-blocking software and use an e-mail account from an overseas website to send e-mails to prevent the evil from taking advantage of any technological loopholes. I realized that as long as it is a truth clarification email, even if it is in Chinese, it will work. Dafa practitioners' strong righteous thoughts are sufficient to eliminate all evil factors; Master's Fa is doing it, not the language on the surface! When the evil factors in other dimensions are eliminated, any issue will automatically get resolved. We do not have to focus on solving the issue itself.

I hope fellow practitioners all participate in this.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.