June 9

Ms.Wang Zhiqin and her daughter Ms. Wang Chongjun, both Falun Gong practitioners, were arrested by the 610 Offices and sentenced to forced labor.

On the afternoon of May 24, 2008, three Falun Gong practitioners from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province were illegally arrested by Shenyang City Police Department. Their homes were searched as well. They are detained in a brainwashing center called the "Legal System School" of Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp.

With the excuse of "The Olympics Games are coming up", the 610 Office of Changling County, Jilin Province, along with local police arrested seven Falun Gong practitioners.

June 10

Ms. Zhang Shengrong, in her 60s, is a retiree from the surveying and mapping team. Because of practicing Falun Gong, she suffered brutal persecution over the past eight years. She, together with many other fellow practitioners, were arrested, detained and interrogated many times.

June 11

Police remove Mr Gu from a hospital against medical advice and he dies the next day.

An inside look at practices within Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, including taking blood samples without prisoner consent for unexplained purposes.

Supervisng nurse Ms. Zhou Ling has been arrested, tortured and now sentenced to a year of forced labor for mentioning the persecution of Falun Gong to a patient.

June 12

Prior to the large earthquake in Sichuan Province, there was an earthquake in Pan County, Guizhou Province, in early May 2008. When practitioners gathered to aid other practitoners who were victims of the quake, they were arrested and their funds and possessions confiscated. The reason given was that donations made by Falun Gong practitioners for the earthquake victims are considered an illegal activity and all the donated money and donor's personal belongings must be confiscated by the city police department.

Beijing practitioner Ms. Xu Na, 40, a well-known painter, is the wife of Mr. Yu Zhou, a Chinese folk singer who died earlier this year alledgedly as a result of police torture. She is resolutely pursuing an investigation of her husband's death. Authorites are reluctant to release her or to give her a trial to justify her detention, for fear of the resulting publicity.

June 13

After a long struggle, Mr. Wang Guiming's family allows the cremation of his body despite their desire to investigate his suspicious death.

Ms. Yang Hong's family is concerned for her life after she drops from 140 to 60 pounds.

Since Mr. Si Yang, a practitioner living in Los Angeles, actively participates in Falun Gong activities, State Security agents in China have arrested his relatives in China under the orders of the Chinese Consulate and State Security agents overseas, in order to threaten and force him to stop his participation in truth-clarification activities.

June 15

Within two weeks after Ms. Li Feng was arrested, she is covered with scars all over her body as a result of tortures by police. Her sister, a sixty-year old woman, was beaten by the local police when she asked for Ms. Li's release..

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