(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of April, 3, 2008, when Ms. Li Feng and Ms. Qi Huirong were at home, they were arrested by police officers from the Xifeng District Criminal Police Division in Qingyang City, the Xifeng District Department and the Beijie Station. Over ten people went into their home. Police officers also went to Ms. Li Feng's hometown and forced her husband to sign paperwork. They claimed that Ms. Li was arrested when she was distributing truth-clarifying materials. They have detained Ms. Li at the Xifeng District Detention Center. Having been tortured for a long period, Ms. Li Feng is covered with scars all over her body. Police officers beat Ms. Li's mouth which became swollen. Her teeth hurt and fell out, and she could not eat. Police officers also lie about Ms. Li going on a hunger strike. They declared that, "It is not a big deal to beat Falun Gong practitioners to death. Our superiors will not punish us; instead, they encourage us with bonuses."

Ms. Li Feng was tortured in this manner within two weeks after she was taken to the detention center. Her sister is in her sixties and is worried about Ms. Li Feng's health. She went to the Beijie Police Station to ask for Ms. Li Feng's release. She was brutally beaten by the director of the police station and three or four other police officers.

Xifeng Police Department of Qingyang City Police Department:
Director Yang Heping (male): 86-934-8225583
Political Commissar: 86-934-8219049
Deputy Director, Jin Jianxun (male): 86-934-8215508, 86-934-8215506
Criminal Police Division: 86-934-8682930, 86-934-8683560, 86-934-8686130, 86-934-8682235

Xifeng District Detention Center of Qingyang City Police Department: 86-934-8215502, 86-934-8219602

June 7, 2008