(Clearwisdom.net) Fa-rectification has reached the last step of the last stage. Master said: "The closer to the end, the more diligent you should be." Every practitioner should set stricter demands for themselves. However, there is a mentality of "doing things" whilst doing the three things in our local area. It has been especially hard to guarantee sending righteous thoughts at the four set times. The state of mind of sending righteous thoughts is not very pure and serious. There is a state of mind of finishing the job. Some practitioners show symptoms of illnesses. Some think Master is eliminating karma for them. They do not look at the interference with righteous thoughts and look inside, but instead follow the old force arrangements. So, some practitioners run into illness and some are even at the risk of their lives being taken by the old forces.

When it comes to clarifying the truth and advising people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, some practitioners spend a long time in advising a few relatives to quit. They cannot not work pro-actively and do things in all kinds of environments. Severe attachments to fear and selfishness exist in their minds. If the material production sites receive "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" or brochures, they go to do things; otherwise, they just wait. Among the three things, they seem to only finish two of the things, which falls short of Master's requirements.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, saving all beings with benevolence is our sacred responsibility. In the 245th issue of Minghui Weekly, there is an article entitled "If Fa-rectification of the human realm came tomorrow, would we reach consummation?" The author wrote very well. We are the ones walking towards godhood. Fa-rectification is approaching the end, and saving all beings is so urgent. Looking at those people who are deeply deluded by the communist evil spirit, looking at those high-level beings who came for the Fa and have become lost among ordinary people, looking at so many innocent people who would be eliminated if they were not saved, we live on just for our own so-called comfort, and only want to benefit from Dafa and are not willing to give for Dafa. Are we walking the path toward godhood?

A local practitioner obtained the Fa before 1999. Both he and his wife are practitioners. In 2000, the husband was arrested because he clarified the truth. He had an extreme attachment to fear after he was released. Since then, the couple stopped doing the three things. The wife suffered from many illnesses before practicing Falun Dafa. All of her illnesses disappeared after she practiced. Because they had a significant financial loss and the husband was beaten, they did not study the Fa any more. One year later, the wife suddenly suffered a stroke. After emergency treatment she was bedridden. This is a typical example of one only wanting to benefit from Dafa but being unwilling to give for Dafa.

Fellow practitioners: Fa-rectification cultivation is serious. No one will reach consummation with attachments and bad thoughts.

Some practitioners said that they tried their best to cultivate but did not care which level they would reach. They are irresponsible for the future of their own lives. In particular, some know that Falun Dafa is good and that when "Disciples' righteous thoughts are strong, Master has the power to turn the tide"("Master-Disciple Grace", Hong Yin II), however, their human notions are very strong. They are not willing to step out of humanness. They just fear. They only advise their relatives to quit the CCP. They fear being reported to police if they talk to others.

Some practitioners are interfered with by the communist evil spirit. They do not have enough confidence when advising people to quit the CCP. They even feel in their subconscious that it seems "political." They have only read the Nine Commentaries once. They have not cleared away the influence of party culture in their own bodies, which interferes with advising people to quit the CCP.

We are Falun Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period. We should treat seriously the three things required by Master and let go of human attachments. Saving all beings is our sacred responsibility. Master asks us to spread the Fa and save all beings with benevolence. Without benevolence, we do things with human attachments and they become mere formalities. Is this cultivation?

I obtained the Fa in the fall of 1998. My home is a practice site and I am an assistant. I have been delivering truth-clarifying materials ever since the persecution started. I set up a materials production site in my home in 2005. On the path of cultivation, I have done wrong and strayed to a certain extent. However, I firmly believe the Fa, so I have been able to steadily cultivate during these last nine years of persecution.

On the path of cultivation I deeply understand that as Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, our future will be bright as long as we solidify our righteous thoughts and step out of humanness. The path may be difficult and winding. As cultivators in this special period, we should cherish the Fa more and treat ourselves seriously. We are not only clarifying the truth and saving all beings, but also rectifying the Fa. In every situation we should be good people and better people. At home and in society we must remember that we are practitioners all the time and in everything we come across. Do not forget we are walking towards godhood. It is hard to cultivate xinxing. If we want to let go of human notions we have formed for years, we have to study the Fa more. Only the Fa can eliminate all kinds of attachments. Only by studying the Fa can we cultivate steady righteous thoughts. Only by looking inside can we improve our xinxing.

The principles are there. How is one not willing to look inside? It is human attachments creating obstacles, isn't it? Ordinary people like to be flattered. Seldom are they willing to hear criticism. If a cultivator wants to be beyond ordinary people, he has to change his ordinary notions. He has to fundamentally change his thinking. Only by looking inside, considering others in everything, tolerating and sacrificing, can one truly improve xinxing.

Fellow practitioners, in the book "Journey to the West", 81 tribulations had to be passed to obtain the true scripture. If we cannot make strict demands for ourselves in Dafa cultivation, but indulge human attachments, the old forces will persecute us and even drag us away in the form of illness. Therefore, we have to rectify ourselves with Dafa in every thought. We should be aware that the beautiful and holy world does not want the bad things in the human world. For ourselves, only if we firmly cultivate, hurry up and save all beings, can we have a wonderful future.