(Clearwisdom.net) On April 27, 2008, Divine Performing Arts presented the fourth show of the Chinese Spectacular in Vancouver. Mr. Chen, a Chinese Canadian working in the production service field, and his wife saw the fourth performance of the Chinese Spectacular. Mr. Chen said the entire show was very good and he felt proud to be Chinese.

Vancouver audience takes in the Spectacular

Mr. and Mrs. Chen share their impressions after the show (Photographer: Chen Run)

Mr. Chen said it was the first time he has seen such a good show since he came to Vancouver from Taiwan many years ago. He said it was different from anything he had seen before. He felt that the most impressive performance in the Spectacular was the one about the persecution of Falun Gong, "The Risen Lotus Flower." Mr. Chen said that although he had heard about Falun Gong being persecuted in China, the dance still moved him.

Mr. and Mrs. Chen repeatedly said that they shed tears during the Spectacular, especially when listening to the lyrics in the songs.

Mr. Mo and Ms. Zhang, who saw the Chinese Spectacular last year, attended the fourth show in Vancouver this year. After seeing the show, Ms. Zhang excitedly told the reporter, "I don't have a specific favorite program. I felt that the entire show was all very good. I felt very comfortable during the show. Every piece looked very good to me. They transported me to the situations they enacted. Especially the words of the songs... I shed tears when I heard those words."

Mr. Mo said, "The show is becoming better and better each year. The ticket price of the show is worth a hundred or even a thousand dollars! Both of us really appreciate Divine Performing Arts for bringing us such beautiful programs."

An immigration counselor told the reporter after watching the show, "Nowadays in mainland China, there is no honesty and credibility towards traditional culture. They do not pay special attention to traditional things in young people's education. Some people haven't even heard about traditional things." He continued, "The Divine Performing Arts show is the best way for non-Chinese to learn traditional Chinese culture. It is direct and makes a deep impression on people, especially traditional legends like, 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' and 'The Lady of the Moon.'"

He added that he also liked Qi Xiaochun's Erhu performance ("Redemptive Suffering"), saying that he felt that the vivid music really touched people's emotions.

Mr. and Mrs. Han, who came to Canada two years ago from mainland China, said after seen the show, "Those who did not come to see the show will regret it. The Divine Performing Arts Spectacular, the dancing skills, the backdrops, and the costumes, are all first class."

Mr. Han said that the show was different from the shows he had seen in China. He said, "In China, the performances are full of political influences. They are used to promote an agenda. But the Divine Performing Arts shows are more peaceful and make people feel comfortable."