(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts (DPA) brought a beautiful spring performance to Calgary with their Chinese Spectacular at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary. Many in the audience were impressed with the show.

Musician Vian Viep enjoyed the Tianyin Orchestra that accompanied the Chinese Spectacular. She felt it was a unique combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments.

Ms. Viep plays the guzheng (an ancient Chinese musical instrument). She especially enjoyed the erhu performance.

She said that the backdrop was so beautiful that it made her feel in an ideal realm instead of watching the performance on a stage.


Gertrude Corner (left), with her daughter and a friend (right)

Gertrude Corner is a retired teacher. She brought her daughter and friend Jackie to see the Chinese Spectacular.

Ms. Corner exclaimed, "The performers put in so much effort to present so many beautiful episodes! It was truly beautiful!" She said she had more understanding of Chinese culture because the show combines artistic performances with historical legends and stories, making them easy understand.

Jackie said that the host and hostess did a great job too.

Mr. Liu came to Canada when he was in high school, six years ago. He attended the performance with Miss Liu. He said, "I am impressed. My friends in China told me not miss the Divine Performing Arts performance. I thought I should listen to a different perspective, so I came.

"I had misunderstandings toward Falun Gong due to the misleading propaganda in the Chinese media. After I came to Canada, I was able to hear another side, and I changed my view. I feel very good that Divine Performing Arts presents Truth-Compassion-Forbearance this way. I think the performance promotes traditional Chinese culture very well."

Mr. Wang and his wife were excited by the show. They wanted to buy a DVD of the Spectacular to watch again and again at home. Mr. Wang said, "The whole performance is unbelievably beautiful! Very profound! Superb!"

Mr. and Mrs. Wang from Hong Kong

Mr. Wang excitedly told the reporter that the number that moved him the most was "The Risen Lotus Flower," which depicted the persecution of Falun Gong. "Everyone can understand the message clearly," he said.

Ms. Wang said, "It is truly wonderful. The singers are really first class. The dancing is very good! Hearing Chinese music, I feel touched. Westerners in the audience also enjoyed the performance. Those sitting around us applauded warmly. As Chinese, we are proud!"