(Clearwisdom.net) A monk who has lived in several countries attended all five Divine Performing Arts shows performed in Vancouver. During an interview, when asked why he watched all five shows in succession, he talked about his enlightenment of the inner meanings of the Chinese Spectacular show. The following are his comments made during the interview:

"I had this thought that I must seize this opportunity to watch every show by the Divine Performing Arts. This is because it's the first time I have seen such a good and vivid show, a show that could not possibly be produced in this human world.

"The mercy of the Divine Beings in saving the sentient beings is clearly shown among these young performers. Their performances were exquisite and delicate. Every hand gesture, every step and every movement was soft, smooth and delicate. We do not see this in this human world. These are really things from beyond this dimension.

"Even the best dancers and best musicians cannot see these things. I think the music is from a very high dimension, I should say it derives from the Buddha world.

"In the very first program 'Descent of the Celestial Kings', the invitation 'Descend with me to the earth to be kings for a thousand years!' was really heart-stirring. The performance contained many messages, the kind of messages from the Buddha world that have the profound meaning of Buddha nature. I tried to interpret the messages, but after each show I would have different interpretations. I think that my understanding (of the Buddha nature) is still very shallow. During the Chinese Spectacular show I felt that my understanding was only skin deep.

"The modern day monks have too many ideological hindrances. In Buddhism we called it 'hindrance by the known'. However, this Chinese Spectacular show truly awakened me. It came from the show. I believe that it has saved me. This is the best I can say at the moment.

I hope everyone will treasure it. They must treasure it and must truly treasure it. Buddha has come to this world. However, all the sentient beings are still in the maze! We are all in the maze!

"As a matter of fact I had a lot of grudges. However, after watching the show my mind is filled with 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.' At the time, I found it was very strange that only these three characters stayed in my mind. Then I began to think about these three characters. Ah ... yes, it should be like this! I found that these three characters are nothing but life. Yes, they are life!

"I know little about this practice (Falun Gong). I don't even know what it is, but it gave me a tremendous help. It did change my mind and now my entire life has been changed. It also opened up my way of thinking. I think it opened up a very profound way of thinking, whole thinking!

"I believe it (The Chinese Spectacular by Divine Performing Arts) is the Buddha Law. Every performance is the Buddha Law. They are all the laws of the universe! No matter what appearances these programs had, be it in the form of Confucius, in the form of human beings or in the form of Falun Gong, what they want to explain through these stories are very profound laws of the universe.

"Therefore, I had to watch it carefully, since I found I still could not totally understand it even if I viewed the show a hundred times. This is because it was so profound! Every time I watched the show I found that every hand gesture was different. They are so profound and not so easy to learn. I tried very hard but still failed to find a way to better understand it.

"I admire the performers very much. They learned the Buddha Fa at such a young age and are learning cultivation under a true Buddha. Ah, this kind of blessing is innate and a result of cultivation practice of many lives. We are of no comparison with them. I felt that it's a great blessing."

(The monk's personal information was withheld at his request.)