(Clearwisdom.net) On April 7, 2008, the US-based Divine Performing Arts touring company premiered its Chinese Spectacular at the Bucharest National Theatre (Teatru National) in the capital of Romania. The show played to a full house. At the end of the two-and-a-half hour performance, the audience applauded enthusiastically. Some audience members said that the Divine Performing Arts brought them a pleasant surprise, and hoped all the people of Romania could see it.

Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular premieres to a full house on April 7, 2008 at the Bucharest National Theatre (Teatru National) in Romania

Audience members, both adults and children, are deeply absorbed by the Divine Performing Arts

Mihail Iovu is a former bank president of the Societe Generale BRD, the second largest bank in Romania. He attended the Chinese Spectacular and was very much impressed. He said to the reporter, "I've seen numerous performances in my life, including ballet, the theater and the orchestra,etc., but I've never seen such a beautiful show. Today's performance surpasses all of them, from dances to the costumes, everything is perfect. The spirit that the performance expressed, is also outstanding, marvelous. It's the best and the most beautiful performance I've ever seen during my 76 years. This show should play here [in Romania] for half a year so that more people can see it. "

Mihail Iovu, former bank president of Romania's second largest bank

The banker continued, "These performers are so young, but their skills are already advanced. They have reached perfection. All that I've seen today is incredible. The beauty of the performance today is hard to describe with words."

Mr. Thommaso Di Fazio is the head of the Romania branch of an Italian transnational energy corporation. He and his wife Laura attended the Chinese Spectacular performance. After the show, they were still standing in the hall, and seemed to be waiting for something, so a reporter walked up to them and interviewed them. Mr. Di Fazio said, "We are here waiting for the artists of the Divine Performing Arts. We want to express our gratitude to them and offer them our appreciation." Mr. Di Fazio and his wife had high praise for the Spectacular and were deeply impressed by it.

Mr. Thommaso Di Fazio (right), head of the Romanian branch of an Italian transnational energy corporation

Mr. Di Fazio said, "We appreciated the performance, and it was really a bit of a surprise. The performance was wonderful, very impressive. The costumes were very beautiful, gorgeous. We liked them very much. The performers' hair style and decorations were beautiful. We loved their Chinese charm and beautiful music. I have heard Erhu music before, but have never seen it. Tonight I saw it, it was really terrific."

He said, "I could not find better words to describe the performance. I don't know why, but it made me very emotional. The Chinese culture is different from western culture. Italian opera is very famous, such as Madam Butterfly and so on, but the stage effect of the Divine Performing Arts is even better. The dances, the music, the costumes, and the backdrops are perfect. The entire stage effect was very impressive."

After one more show in Bucharest tomorrow, the Divine Performing Arts touring company will travel to Milan, Italy. Mr. Di Fazio said, "I've told my friends in Italy to go to see the show, and be sure not to miss it."

Mr. Goetz Von Thadden, is the head of the Bucharest Office of the EU Investment Bank to Romania. He attended the Chinese Spectacular with his wife Ms. Maudi and their two children, Sebastian and Karlo.

Mr. Goetz Von Thadden (left), head of the Bucharest Office of the EU Investment Bank to Romania

Mr. Thadden said, "The performance showcased a different brand of culture. The costumes were splendid, and the dances were graceful. Besides watching Beijing Operas on TV, I have never seen similar performances of Chinese culture before. From an aesthetic point of view, they arranged the colors perfectly. I thought the performance encompassed many things, all of them very traditional. It is a very different tradition from the European one. It shows a completely different world."