(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of April 2, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) presented their first showing of the Chinese Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Center.

Before the DPA arrived in Australia, more than 60 politicians and celebrities sent congratulatory letters and wished the performance success. In Sydney, politicians, celebrities, and honored guests--including three senators, five provincial assemblymen, several mayors, city assemblymen, artists, dancers, musicians, the principal of an art school, and specialists from various fields--all came to the first performance.

The honored guests were astonished by the wonderful performance. Afterward, some were very emotional and were anxious to share their impressions. People of all different nationalities applauded enthusiastically.

More than 2000 people attended the first performance in Sydney

People in the audience paid close attention to the performance

Attentive audience members

Senator: Brilliant presentation of Chinese culture, worthwhile for everyone

Senator Kerry Nettle and her mother, Beverley, came together to the performance. During intermission, Kerry accepted an interview and said, "Chinese culture is so wonderful, but we never see this kind of show in Australia. It is really an eye-opener. In Australia, we seldom have a chance to appreciate such Chinese culture. I think that everyone should come to this performance."

Senator Kerry Nettle and her mother

Senator Nettle commented, "'The Mongolian Bowl Dance' was a bit of Chinese culture I had never seen before." She also complimented soprano Huang Biru and baritone Qule, "Huang Biru sings so beautifully, and Qule is also wonderful."

The program "The Power of Awareness" portrayed the CCP' s persecution of Falun Gong. Characters in the portrayal awakened and came forward to help stop the persecution. Senator Nettle, who has paid close attention to China's human rights issues for a long time, said the piece impressed her deeply.

Her mother said, "This is a wonderful show that seeks to present the inner meanings of the culture, and in that it is very successful. We saw prosperous periods in history and long lost culture portrayed artistically. I think that they are talented artists." As for her favorite program, Beverley said, "'The Nymphs of the Sea' impressed me the most. The dancers, the costumes, and the changing of the programs are outstanding."

Provincial Assemblyman Jonathan O'Dea

After the show, Provincial Assemblyman Jonathan O'Dea expressed his admiration for Chinese culture and said, "The programs are meaningful and make you think. I liked them all. They are arranged very well and the combination of dancing and singing is marvelous. Very refined and precise--beautiful." He thought that the performers were very professional and did very well. "Their world tour performances will give more people a chance to learn about and know how profound Chinese culture is."

Assemblyman Ian Cohen

Assemblyman Ian Cohen saw the Chinese Spectacular performance again this year. He said that the performance deeply impressed him. He thought that the show was attractive and spectacular and that the dances were really wonderful. He was especially fond of the Erhu performance. Cohen said that the costumes this year were more colorful and very attractive. "People can appreciate different cultures and the refined programs benefited both Chinese and people from different nationalities." His favorite piece was "The Fruits of Goodness" that reveals different aspects of the spirit.

Celebrities from art circles learn about the profoundness of Chinese culture

The successful performance also impressed people in the arts. Many celebrities praised the performance with emotion and happiness. Famous singer Helen Sindelar said, "The costumes are special and very beautiful. This outstanding cultural and artistic performance enables people to learn about and realize the greatness of the culture. The show is special and has never been seen by Westerners. I am honored to be able to watch the show."

Singer Helen Sindelar (right)

Ms. Sindelar especially loved "Drummers of Tang Court," which she thought was a magnificent and pushed the whole show to a rousing climax, "I liked the drum dance because it was so compelling. The program combines dance with beating drums. It was so wonderful!"

Singer Kamahl

Singer Kamahl, renowned for his singing, was awarded the Australia OEM. He sincerely recommended the show to everyone. He said, "The performance was excellent! The singing was wonderful, especially the tenor. Also, the stage production and dances were outstanding. 'Drummers of Tang the Court' was very good."

As for revealing the facts about Falun Gong, he said, "The performance gives us a very good message. If everyone abided by "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," how nice it would be. If we really have these principles, there would be no problems in the world."

Dancer Katy Manning

Katy Manning has been a dancer for many years. After the first half of the performance, she said that she thought that the whole performance was wonderful, especially the dances, and that their movements and costumes were very professional. She thought that the male dancers were handsome and powerful, while the female dancers were beautiful. She wished to congratulate the Divine Performing Arts and tell them how much she loved them.

Soprano Marian thought that the whole show was arranged very naturally, smoothly, and on a high level. The colors were very beautiful and in harmony. She said that she liked the "Mongolian Bowl Dance" and the soprano solos. She felt the story in "The Rising Lotus Flower" was very touching.

Soprano Marian

Ann Dell is the principle and professional ballet teacher at the Sydney Ballet School. After the show, she said that she was astonished by the profoundness of Chinese culture. "I am lost in admiration for Chinese culture. I want to learn more about the inner meanings of Chinese culture and the content behind it and relative to the beliefs. Through this performance, people in the Western world can learn about the richness of Chinese culture. I liked the colorfulness of the performance, and the refined design of the backdrop makes you feel that you are part of it."

From the point of view of a professional, Dell thought that the technology used in the performance was very advanced, "The dancers moved so gently, as if they were flying in the sky. I cannot find the words to describe what I felt about it all."

Dell said that her favorites were "Nymphs of the Sea "and "Drummers of the Tang Court."

The first Chinese Spectacular performance ended in warm applause from the audience. When the performers took a curtain call, the clapping continued for a long time and the audience was reluctant to leave.