The Divine Performing Arts Company presented the Chinese Spectacular to a full house at the Circus Theater in Stockholm, Sweden, beginning on March 20, 2008. After the third and fourth shows, the performers answered several curtain calls. The audience did not want to stop applauding and did not want to leave.

After the fourth show on March 26, Mana Andersson and Comelia Andersson, filled with curiosity, hurried over to the orchestra. They looked at all the musical instruments and exclaimed in surprise again and again, "All of them are so wonderful! This is so exciting!"

Dancer Mana Andersson (right) and Comelia Andersson (left)

Mana Andersson is a professional dancer and a dance teacher. Comelia Andersson, her good friend, is also a professional dancer. After seeing the Chinese Spectacular, they were impressed with the richness and deep philosophical content of Chinese culture. The recognized how different Chinese concepts and culture are from those in the West. Mana grasped the characteristics of Chinese dance. She said , "Ballet in Sweden is very straight, very stiff, while Chinese dance is very expressive and rich in emotion. Chinese dance is certainly exceptional." Imitating the steps of the Chinese dance she added, "Their feet are extremely soft and they use the entire sole of the foot, from heel to toe. I teach dance, different types of dance. But the Chinese classical dance I saw today is indeed quite different."

Comelia agreed and talked about her feelings. "The performance on stage today was different. Their movements were extremely attractive and unusually gentle. The entire show was very special and emotional. It was so beautiful that I lack the words to describe it. But the performance made me very happy, made me feel very peaceful."

They were introduced to the show by friends. Before they arrived, they thought the show would like a circus or acrobatics, but the show turned out to be far beyond their expectations and very special. "After seeing such show, we have more interest in Chinese culture and more of an understanding of how broad and profound it is. We do not know much about modern China."

Mana Andersson and Comelia Andersson both felt very inspired by the Chinese Spectacular, which gave them ideas to incorporate into their own dancing.

This show was a miraculous experience for them. They exclaimed, "We will certainly recommend this show to other friends. This is a unique show. If the Chinese Spectacular comes back to Sweden, we certainly won't miss it."

Principal at a School for the Arts, "I almost cried"

Nadia Kevolej is a principal at a school for the arts. She is also a dancer with many years of experience. After seeing the fourth performance of the Spectacular in Stockholm, she said: "The performance is splendid. I am a ballet dancer, so I can see the performers are very professional. The costumes are so beautiful, and the backdrop is very colorful. All the dances have very strong and very easy to understand stories. Also, the dances deliver very clear messages."

Nadia Kevolej, principal at a school for the arts

She thought that all the programs were very outstanding. She said that the most touching for her was "The Risen Lotus Flower." "That female dancer danced so well. One could see that she performed from her heart. It was so moving that I almost cried. Her dance movements were succinct, springy, and exquisite. The meaning expressed by the dance came across very clearly."

"I want to tell all my friends that they must see this show. If not, they will regret it very much, because they will not know what they have missed!"