(Clearwisdom.net) Susan, a young Chinese woman who attended the performance with her German husband, saw the Chinese Spectacular by Divine Performing Arts on Tour at the Prince Regent Theater in Munich. She said with excitement, "I was sleepless last night. I was waiting and waiting. Finally I saw the performance today."

On the afternoon of April 19, Divine Performing Arts on Tour gave a performance in Munich, Germany as its final show on the European leg of the tour for this year. An appreciative audience applauded warmly time and again during the performance.

When Susan heard that the Divine Performing Arts show would be coming to Munich, she bought tickets for her family and her children's teachers. She was so excited that she couldn't sleep the night before. She sat in the very front row and could clearly see every performer. Susan said, "Every one of them is beautiful. Because I sat directly in front of them, I could see the love on their faces, their truth, compassion and beauty. I was so touched that I almost jumped up in my seat."

Divine Performing Arts has been touring the world to promote traditional Chinese culture. Susan was moved by their commitment. She said, "I liked every performance. Those artists are really marvelous. They travel the whole world to spread the Chinese culture and I was touched by the performance... Like the drums--with the striking of the drums, they expressed the inner feelings of Chinese people."

"After the Show, I Felt My Whole Body Was Light"

Ms. Liang Xiuyun from China came to see the show with some local Chinese friends. One of her German friends saw the ads on TV and told her about the show. This was the first time she had watched a Divine Performing Arts show. She said that she had never seen such a wonderful performance.

Ms. Liang had a Chinese herbal and Western medicine business in China that closed down due to corrupt officials. Five years ago, she came to Munich from Guangzhou Province. She said that the performances were full of truth, and what they presented was true. "I have never seen such shows in China. In China the performances were about war and fighting." She said, "Every performance was good and moved people's hearts. I have never experienced this. This morning I felt a bit sick. After the show I felt my whole body was light."

Renowned Chinese Author: I Saw a Show that Would Otherwise Not Be Seen"

Yu Luojin, a renowned Chinese author now living in Germany, said with tears in her eyes, "I am so glad I came to watch this show, which I wouldn't have been destined to see otherwise. In the past, the performances were in Berlin, and it was too far from Passau. This time the newspaper said it was in Munich. I immediately booked two of the best seats."

She said that she had never seen such good shows in China. "Regardless of whether it was dancing or singing, I liked them all. The Erhu performance was especially good. All of the performances were good. The two hosts and their explanations were very good as well."

She said that the shows she saw in China were full of propaganda. "The so-called Spring Festival Evening Shows made me feel uncomfortable and I thought that things shouldn't be like that. Today's Divine Performing Arts shows are very Chinese and are about pure Chinese culture. It is really good."

Speaking of the performances, Ms. Yu continued, "When I saw the one with Falun Dafa ('The Risen Lotus Flower'), I cried. And also 'The Power of Awareness.' I liked those two performances the best. Their 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' message can unite everyone. When I watched 'The Power of Awareness,' I clapped wholeheartedly because I think people should become more aware."

Ms. Yu's brother Yu Luoke was killed by the CCP because of his famous book, "On Family Background" written during the Cultural Revolution. When she watched "The Risen Lotus Flower," which described the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in prisons and reminded her of the persecution of her brother, she said, "I was crying as I was watching. This performance is really good. It is most important that human beings value virtue. I am very proud of the show. It will be very good if they could present the show all around the world non-stop."