In the evening on April 15, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts presented its inaugural show at Allianza Teatra in Milan, the second largest city in Italy. When all the performers gathered on stage to bow to the audience at the end of the show, a Western woman hurried up to the stage with a bouquet of flowers in her hands and blew the performers a kiss. She praised the Chinese Spectacular for its interpretation of the Oriental Divine culture. It drew sustained, thunderous applause.

In Milan, the birthplace of the Renaissance and the home of opera, the Divine Performing Arts touched the hearts of the locals, who have discriminating taste in art. Their warm applause expressed their appreciation of the DPA. The Spectacular also attracted many local Chinese, both visitors from China and new Chinese immigrants. They enjoyed the fine, graceful performances very much and were of the opinion that the beauty the Divine Performing Arts presented is the real essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

Art Teacher: All the Performances Were Very Good

After the show, art teacher Mr. Song held up his thumb in approval. When asked which performance he liked most he replied, "They were all very good, especially the dances, which can purify people's hearts and spread the traditional culture of humankind. All the programs were good."

Ms. Yu, who recently came to Italy from China, saw the Spectacular with her elder sister. She was very pleased and said she loved every performance as well as the backdrop, "All those who came to this show are really fortunate!" Her sister said she was moved to tears from the very first performance.

Ms. Mao came to the show with her four-year old daughter. She said with a smile, "My younger daughter Giulian wanted to see the Spectacular after she learned about it from a flyer. All the programs are good, much better than I had expected. Of course, I liked the dances the best and I also liked the drums."

An Italian Chinese: A Show That Really Displays Chinese History

Mr. Luigi Hu is a senior executive of a famous Italian bank, Intesa Sanpaolo. His father was Chinese and his mother Italian, but his father basically had nothing to do with China whatsoever and did not even speak Chinese. Mr. Hu's father died more than 10 years ago. The sudden death of his father made him realize that his last connection with China had been cut off. At that point, Mr. Hu began to study Chinese and Chinese history, the culture as well as some Buddhism. He even went to China three times to "search for his roots".

Senior Executive of Intesa Sanpaola Bank, Mr. Luigi Hu said, "This show displays the real Chinese history. It unfolds the most beautiful Chinese culture and history and it is a condensation and a summary of Chinese history from ancient times to the present."

Because of this motivation to "search for his roots," Mr. Hu paid close attention to everything related to China. The Divine Performing Arts' inaugural show in Milan naturally became his indispensable "visit to China."

Mr. Hu said, "Watching the Chinese Spectacular made me feel as if I had returned home. I discovered from the show Chinese history, culture, and the Buddha Dharma that I have studied. The show also displayed the events that happened in different historical periods from Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor) (The Yellow Emperor was the first sovereign of civilized China and is recognized as the common ancestor of the Chinese people.), from the origins of Chinese civilization to modern times. This is a show that unfolds the true Chinese history. It has fully displayed the most beautiful Chinese culture and history and it is a condensation and a summary of Chinese history from ancient times to the present."

Mr. Hu expressed his sympathy to Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted in China. "The entire show is very good. It is very beautiful and I liked the 'Tang Dynasty Court Drummers.' The programs depicting the persecution of Falun Gong deeply touched me. I could not help feeling sad that such a thing is still happening in China."

Mr. Hu said he would tell all his friends about the Chinese Spectacular, "I will tell everyone about the show. It has far-reaching significance, will make people think deeply, and they can learn a lot. It is a show that helps to restore Chinese culture.