(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts successfully held the fourth show of the Chinese Spectacular in Tainan on March 2.

Ms. Wu Chiani, an English teacher

Mr. Huang

Ms. Wu Chiani, a local elementary school English teacher, attended because one of her friends recommended the show to her. She said, "I am very interested in Chinese culture. I went to Mainland China last winter and saw some shows in Hangzhou. I feel lucky that I had a chance to enjoy this show in Taiwan. Compared to the ones I saw in Mainland China, the Divine Performing Arts' show is very different and much better in terms of the dances, costumes, and music."

Ms. Wu said that what made the show so outstanding was that it conveyed reverence for divine beings. The combination of dances and music was perfect, too, she said.

Mr. Huang is a government employee. He liked the first dance, which depicted thousands of Buddhas and gods coming to the human world to save people. Mr. Huang was also touched by the dance "The Power of Awareness." He said: "Falun Gong practitioners suffer from the persecution for their belief. I think people should pay attention to their plight. The whole show made a deep impression on me. I hope more people will come and enjoy it."