(Clearwisdom.net) On March 3, 2008, when the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company presented its first Chinese Spectacular show in Geneva, Qi Xiaochun's Erhu performance touched many people's hearts. Many western audience members said that it was their favorite program, including Mr. Sammy Omar, Secretary-archivist at the German Consulate in Geneva.

Mr. Omar said he had seen a poster promoting the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Prague last week. After attending the show, he said, "The show is wonderful! Being able to see Asian culture, particularly the Chinese culture, is marvelous. If there will be a performance in Vienna or Berlin, I want to see it again. The backdrop is really perfect."

"I like the performance 'The Fruits of Goodness.'" He thought it pointed the way for people. Chinese culture is profound, has a long history, and is very special.

He said he would definitely recommend the show to his friends. He would tell his friends, "The show can uplift one's spirit, open new horizons, and teach us new things."

When the Divine Performing Arts performers appeared at the reception after the show, the guests were bubbling with enthusiasm, particularly when the young performer in the dance, "The Power of Awareness" arrived. Ms. Bousta said that she was deeply touched by the girl's performance in the program. "When I saw the scene where the girl's mother was beaten to the ground, and the little girl looked for her mother, tears came to my eyes."

Ms. Bousta said, "I have never seen such a wonderful performance before. I did not understand Asian performances very well before. After seeing the Chinese Spectacular, I found it was different from what I imagined--it is indeed beautiful and marvelous. They danced so well, coupled with harmonious backdrops, which is indeed fantastic."

She said she also liked the dance "Nymphs of the Sea." It was really beautiful, graceful, and superb.

Upon learning that the Divine Performing Arts group will go to Vienna to perform, Ms. Bousta said she would recommend it to her friends there. She also asked if the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular will perform in Morocco so that she could recommend it to her students and friends there.