(Clearwisdom.net) On March 4, 2008, during the intermission of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular's second showing in Geneva, the reporter came across Mr. and Mrs. Sarkissian. When asked about their impression of the show, Mrs. Sarkissian said, "I like it very much, the colors are just beautiful. I don't know what to say, it's beyond description." Mr. Sarkissian said, "I like the show's originality and admire those dance performers. And also the two singers--they're superb! World class. I read the lyrics, very impressive."

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Mr. and Mrs. Sarkissian enjoyed the show

Mr. Sarkissian is a retired businessman. He said that he liked "Drummers of the Tang Court," and Mrs. Sarkissian particularly enjoyed "The Risen Lotus Flower." She said, "I thought its presentation was very beautiful.

What I thought was special was the originality, the way they expressed things blended with dance and music. I like it."