(Clearwisdom.net) After completing 22 shows in Taiwan, which earned a flood of praise from audiences, the Divine Performing Arts Company is performing five shows at the Artpia Theater in Suseong-gu, Daegu City, South Korea from March 22 to March 24, 2008. The two shows on the first day have received high praise from scholars.

The Divine Performing Arts shows revive ancient Chinese culture

After watching the show, Professor Jin Zenshu from Daegu Polytechnic College commented: "It was very beautiful. Although modern colors were utilized, the special beauty of the Chinese culture was displayed. It is a wonderful show even a modern youth can view with joy."

"The show temporarily takes people away from the busy modern world and back to a more natural world. I think the sublime experience is so wonderful. The Mongolian Bowl dance is perfect and splendid."

Professor Jin Zenshu from Daegu Polytechnic College praised the show

Professor Jin Zenshu said she has been to China and watched some shows there; however the depth and subtlety of the Divine Performing Arts shows are unmatched. She said: "The Divine Performing Arts shows harmonize modern beauty with ancient Chinese culture. People easily accept them... the shows revive ancient Chinese culture, which has faded."

Regarding the incident in which the Divine Performing Arts shows planned for Busan were canceled after the CCP exerted pressure on the city government, Jin Zenshu found that hard to understand. She said: "I cannot understand why the Chinese embassy interfered with the Divine Performing Arts shows in Korea using all kinds of means. I felt very sorry!" Jin Zenshu indicated that loyalty to one's country can be increased by watching such a show. She added: "If our country ever has such a wonderful show on the international stage, I will very happy!"

When people awaken, truth and justice will be in an invincible position.

Dr. Li Hongxu is a Professor of Law at Daegu Catholic University. He watched the Divine Performing Arts show on the night of March 22 and said: "Today I watched the Divine Performing Arts show. I renewed my knowledge about the roots of Japan, Korea and China. I hope Korea will not focus only on the economy. The economy and spirit should harmonize."

Dr. Li Hongxu said he had seen many shows from China and the CCP shows did not maintain his interest. After watching the Divine Performing Arts show, he felt it displayed much subtlety and fully expressed the world of the spirit. Especially the program, "The Power of Awareness" deeply touched and impressed him. He felt that in the human world, when "Justice" and "Truth" are suppressed, truth and justice can be in an invincible position when people gather the will to resist.

What the Divine Performing Arts performers display comes from their hearts

Mr. Zhao Zhenghuan is a patent agent from the Yuantang International Chartered Law Office. He attended the same show as Mr. Li Hongxu and was most impressed by the program, "The Power of Awareness." In addition, he also loved the dances "Drummers of the Tang Court," "Victory Drums" and "Chopstick Zest."

Mr. Zhao said he had not seen a Chinese show before; however, he had seen a lot of shows from other nations. He felt the Divine Performing Arts show was very special. He indicated that an arts show should have no boundaries in the human world; a performance with freedom benefits the development of culture. He said: "Through the Divine Performing Arts show, the human inner world is exposed. The performers' facial expressions touched the audience and displayed things from deep in their hearts.