(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. He, a businessman from Mainland China, attended the Chinese Spectacular in Sweden. He said: "After watching it, I feel very peaceful. My heart feels clean and clear now."

Mr. He said: "Most shows in China are at a very low level. They are all about money or sex. There are many of them, which I think are just trash." He said: "The shows in China don't bring any good things. They are humorous sometimes, but you won't remember anything afterwards. Also some of them have had a very bad impact on the next generation. It is not because the actors are not good. It is because there is no spirit and no goodness in those shows."

Mr. He said: "After watching this show, my heart feels clean and clear, just like the natural lakes in Sweden." He praised the name of the performing arts troupe--The Divine Performing Arts. He said: "Divine means beauty and compassion. This word is the symbol of our 5,000-year-old Chinese culture. I believe in the near future this arts company will be able to perform in Mainland China."

A famous contemporary musician from Sweden said: "The costumes in the show were fabulous. The dances were great too. Of course the music was also very good." He said: "Chinese culture is very different than Western culture. One of my favorite pieces was the Erhu solo."

As for the interference with the show by the Chinese embassy, the musician said: "This show should be held in every country. I am upset to hear that the Chinese government is trying to interfere with it and stop people from expressing themselves."