1. An elderly woman in Sichuan Province watched a video of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular and was amazed. "This is real art!" she said. "Unlike the New Year gala on CCTV, I felt comfortable after watching the Chinese Spectacular." She kept complementing the actors, and said that the Erhu solo deeply touched her.

  1. Ms. Ming, 47 years old, came to Beijing from Xinyang, Henan, five years ago. In March, a Falun Gong practitioner gave her a VCD of the 2008 Chinese Spectacular. The next day, she told that practitioner, "It was so wonderful! It felt like I was in heaven. The color, dances and music were all fabulous. I will take it back to my hometown and let all of my family and friends enjoy it."

  2. A Chinese businessman watched the video. He said, "My heart was beating along with it. Every cell in my body was excited. I recognize its profound content. The design of the background scenes and costumes was amazing. I hope that all Chinese people will have a chance to watch it."